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Resting heartrate



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  1. 1. Whats your resting heartrate in bpm

    • <40
    • 40 - 50
    • 50 - 60
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My resting heartrate was approx 70bpm before i started cycling 2 yrs back. A couple of months back it was around 63. This morning i decided to update my Garmin heartrate zones and to my surprise, my resting heartrate now, typing in front of the computer is 54 bpm. I started cycling a lot more (2 X 50km, 1 x 75km and 1 x 30km) approx 3 months back and also started to participate in races.


I know this is not always indicative of performance, but its a feel good thing.


So whats your resting heartrate currently?


From wikipedia: cyclist Lance Armstrong has been known to have resting heart rates to as low as around 32 bpm, and cyclist Miguel Indurain had a resting heart rate of 28 bpm.

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I registered a 46 one day last year...bored out of my mind at work though...and I was pretty fit at that stage.

normally around the 57 - 60 zone.

But my training is none existant at the moment so won't be anything close to the low 50's.

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My coach wants me to record my resting heartrate every morning when I wake up and give him feedback of how I was feeling, how many hours I slept, and feeling during training, I thought it was WAY too much trouble being a student and asked him why, he said the resting heartrate is your body's way of saying how much you've recovered from yesterday, so if your HR is avg 45, and you wake up with a 55/58, I can bet you that you'll be feeling "different/sluggish" on the bike today, my resting heartrate is about 40/42, and after a big night out or a long 10day training block without good sleep, my rate bumps up to around 48/50, and then I know I'm gonna struggle with the sets today cause my body is tired!! And as you get fit your RHR will drop, but is not the ONLY factor to measure your fitness, some guys just have different DNA and body composition, so will have higher max/min heartrates with the same fitness as others riders performing the same on the road!!

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My resting pulse in in the low 30's and it can get into the 20's when I sleep... but then I have a condition known as asymptomatic sinus bradycardia! It means my heart beats slow but I don't suffer from it! I started riding a few months ago and have not noticed an increase or decrease in RHR.

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