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  1. Any idea if the kickr 4 will be on your black Friday sale this year? Skould have enough saved up by then????
  2. Hi Cobus. Obviously way too late for the question. But do you perhaps have a route/map that you used for the Amersfoort- Ballito route?? Thanks hey
  3. Hi guys. Any idea on how many spots have been taken on the team and solo entries?
  4. I was in hospital 2 times during the holiday, had an operation as well, was off for about 3weeks in total, also felt I wasn't ready/motivation was down in the dumps, but I watched last years epic, that got me back on track, trust me!!! Good luck guys, can't wait, 59 days left
  5. also typed "reciving" in his letter to head office , maybe thats why they ignored him?? just kidding...just kidding!!
  6. plus een maand of een student??
  7. TUKS OF NIKS ..... if you have the right subjects you can really have 3months
  8. "I would like to know: - Should I purchase a new complete bike or get a 2nd hand bike? - Any specified thing/brand I should be looking for? Heard you get different "sets" etc... - Tubeless, slime and liners? Benifits and which should I get? - How many gears are preferable or is there a standard? - Should I import a complete bike from CRC or will customs kill any sort of saving on a bike? Any advice would be apprecited! Thanks! " hi, my 2cents: "- Should I purchase a new complete bike or get a 2nd hand bike?"- I think if you take your time and shop around, youll get a MUCH better bike 2nd hand than new, dual-suspension for 14k will probably get you shimano slx or sram x7 groupset at best, and the manufacturers always skimp on some of the parts of new bikes to bring the price down... i have bought 3 2nd hand bikes and NOT 1 problem, because i really did my homework on them. "Any specified thing/brand I should be looking for? Heard you get different "sets" etc..."- The only thing that differs on the brands of the bikes, are the frames, the rest of the parts like groupset/wheels/shock/etc are from the same factories on ALL the bike brands..SRAM is SRAM and FOX is FOX on all the bikes..so ja... "Tubeless, slime and liners? Benifits and which should I get?" In the bicycling magazine was an article of the 10 or something ALL TIME best improvements in cycling...tubeless tires was like 2nd or something just after Suspension forks for mtb....tubeless is the only way, a bit more money on the initial tire, but 99% of the "would've been punctures" are never heard of with tubeless " How many gears are preferable or is there a standard?" depending on your budget, i have 9 speed and just got new 9 and 10 speed groupsets for next year, the 10 speed is a bit more pricey and you save like 150grams on a set..but dont think for us "regulars" there is no real difference "Should I import a complete bike from CRC or will customs kill any sort of saving on a bike?'" support the locals i think, there are many good deals in SA, 2nd hand or new, go local. My training partner got nailed with taxes last year on a bike from evanscycles in the uk, more than 30% tax on the price.... thats my view on it.. most important, this sport can take over your life, and hopefully it does..its awesome!! good luck and enjoy every pedal-stroke
  9. real food still nr 1 yes....also stop at spur on my way back sometimes...R20 bucks for a full breakfast
  10. i use recover max as well, but only after real hard rides to help speed recovery for next day's training!! otherwise i use my own mix as well. milk, 1/2teaspoons coffee, peanutbutter(no added sugar one), and then a scoop or 2 whey protein..depending on taste preference.. i also make my own energybars too(or at least my mom does), its cheap and you can put in what you like with no overdose of sugar!! but just a serving protein(25-30g) and a solid meal with good protein and carbs does the best job...you can never beat real foods!!
  11. Hopefully it makes SOME difference-haha!! I'm doing all my training on 26 ht, and attekwas(+ 5days training afterwards) so will be conditioned for the saddle at least!! The rest is in the head and legs- but I'm going 29ht 99% at this stage..
  12. Tough,young and fit--just very new to long MTB races and even newer to multi-stages!! Just wanna make sure...its not about if my body can take it, ill survive that!! Just want everyones own opinion on the 2 bikes, cause its a lot of money and want to buy the best bike possible!!
  13. Keen eye for detail.. Nice thing to pick up hey!! Thanks- its just pretty expensive to get 29er ds, I thought I could get a proper one, but its crazy where the prices go when you look for X0 or even X9/XT groupset!!
  14. Was about to say- NO woman on an SS passed me-hahaha!! You'd be glad to know, I'm building a 26 ht SS from my old parts-really looking forward to riding it over the holiday(which I have a solid 3 months of :-)...will let you know how it goes, byt I'm not going rigid, have an older front shock I'm putting on!! Thanks for the reply
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