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Front end rear shock rebound settings


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My bike's user manual says to set rebound...so many click out...for front and back. I don't know what 'out' means. From fast, or slow, or the middle?


I now have a Fox RP23 on the back

I have a RockShox Reba RL 29 on the front


I weight 95 kg with my shoes and campelback.


If there is a pro out there who can help Ill appreciate it

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Battling with the same issues as well as getting the "SAG" setting correct. Have just downloaded some tips and How to's from www.foxracingshox.com/fox_tech_center/owners_manuals. Bikeradar's website also have some details on how to do a proper set-up.

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Sag setting was fairly easy...there are calculators and tables to show pressure required proper weight, but Im at a loss on the rebound setting

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Rock Shox Reba Dual air actualy has recomended presures printed on the fork.


According to them for the front fork it should be:


81-90kg rider for both the + and - setting should be 130-145 PSI

>99kg should be 160PSI for + and - air settings.


Or alternatively following Bryan Lopez's advice, it all depends on the type of riding that you are wanting to do.

Your "sag" being a measure of how much your suspension compresses in relation to the whole trave range of the suspension.


He says that you should put a cable tie on your fork, get on and measure the percentage that the bike sags in relation to the full travel available.


For cross country this is ususaly about 25% of the total travel available. Longer travel and freeride bikes are apparently 33% and some are as much as 40%.


The settings however also depends on your personal riding style. Soft suspension keeps your wheels on the ground and gives better control, but is energy sapping on the climbs or when you suddenly need to accellerate they are slow.


Harder suspension is more responsive and gives a "quicker" sensation but also allows you to take bigger hits without bottoming out.


So at the end of the day its not a hard rule as long as you dont bottom out.

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RS' guide on the lowers is always a bit on the firm side. Worry less about the amount of PSI and more about % sag. Kinda what swoosh said. Remember to do this fully kitted out as the extra weight will have an effect on the setings.

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