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  1. https://www.netwerk24.com/Nuus/Algemeen/fisio-wat-omgery-is-se-dood-laat-groot-leemte-20190506 Saw this article, but cannot open it. Does anybody have more information. We drove past the scene in Sunday and saw the bicycle in the road. Did not know it was this serious. RIP and lots of strength to his family
  2. That is a regular issue with Mavic Freehub. Caused by the plastic / ceramic insert A small amount of oils or grease will stop the noise for a while but eventually you will have to replace
  3. As above. Go through a Broker. I am using AON and can only say good things about them. All my risk under one policy including bicycles
  4. It is called Carpel Syndrome caused by injuring the median nerve that runs through your hand. I also had it and after a long ride the numbness and pain would be there for a few days. Definately something wrong with your setup that cause too much pressure on your hands. Sort out your setup before it cause permanent damage.
  5. Tough decision now. Sani2C on 15 - 18 May and on 25th Race to the Sun
  6. Is it true that spraying your tyres with Spray & Cook assist with less mud sticking to tyres
  7. With all the rain and some more forecasted for Saturday it might be a wet and muddy ride.
  8. We were at the feeding section yesterday with the ladies race. 2 x CSA officials on duty there did absolutely nothing to assist with controlling cars and busses coming through the area. There was some real close calls where riders had to avoid traffic. Must say they were very quick to threaten the one "feeder" with disqualification of his rider when he assisted her to get going after she had to stop for traffic. Some of the spectators eventually assisted to control traffic and move barriers to make control easier. Not to mention the commentator/announcer at the start/finish line. This poor oke did not have a clue what was going on apart from asking donations and gifts for some of form of development
  9. We have the same scenario. Me and my wife training together. Was originally on Rouvy but changed to Zwift. Although you would require two separate subscriptions it is great especially if you do the same workout, race or just ride. We use 2 x Tacx Bushido's each linked to a Laptop via Ant.
  10. Where do you guys suggest will be the best place to view racing from on Saturday and Sunday
  11. Moved my MTB c;eats as far back as possible (about 20 mm ) from the original position. Dropped saddle slightly. Maybe too soon to talk but no sign of hot feet on my 1st ride after the change. Changed my road shoes as well and it felt really comfortable.
  12. Saw on a post above that moving cleats backwards solved the hot foot and pain in toes. How far back do you guys suggest I move the cleats. Or is it a try and test to find the best spot
  13. Broker


    Maxis Ikon 2.3 at front and Ardent 2.2 at back. Had this combo last year at S2C and it was perfect. Getting such good milage from it that I will possibly not even have to change for this year. Also doing it with my wife this year. We are entered for Trail (1st of the three) Riders training in Westrand please let me know and we can join in.
  14. Superglue works 200% on my Tacx Bushido. I also added some to the side if the silver band and not just to the little spots
  15. Please let me know where was this photo taken. When you do Magalies again PM me and we will join
  16. Reset the unit. My 810 also did that in the display and Garmin did a full reset and it was fixed To perform a master reset: Power device off. Press and hold Lap and Start/Stop. Power device on while still holding both buttons. Continue holding buttons when Garmin "splash" screen appears. Release buttons when Garmin "splash" screen disappears.
  17. Make sure you find what's causing the problem. Four days after getting a 110% all clear from a cardiologist after doing a stress ecg, sonar and blood I suffered a serious heart attack. Four stents later I am happy to be alive and well. Dr that did the stents said I am a very lucky man. I just dont trust an ECG any more
  18. Does the entry fee include accommodation and meals
  19. Can I use my existing Sram 3x crankset 104 BCD and just fit a 34 tooth chainring to middle or need I a new crankset as well
  20. What a boring tour we have from team Sky and the rest of the GC contenders.Thanks for the break aways that give us a bit of real racing and excitement
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