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Leg Massage in the Highway area


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I have recently been suffering with stiff muscles in the upper quad area. Front of the leg right at the top near my hip. I tried cross training a few months ago by going for a run and I have had these problems since. I am assuming that it is a muscular issue. The discomfort is in the area where my quad joins the top of my leg near my hip. If I sit down with my legs crossed and get up, It takes me a few minutes to get the joint moving to the extent that I don't feel uncomfortable.


I am thinking about going for a leg massage to ease the stiffness. Has anybody had experience with a physio/masseuse in the highway area that they can recommend? How do you stretch that area? Doing a normal quad stretch by holding your foot behind you doesn't stretch that far up.


Any help or advice appreciated.



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Out of interest, what would the difference in results be between going to a masseuse and a physio? I know they both rub, but which would be better?

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the masseuse might rub more if you ask nicely... :rolleyes:


Aaaah, the happy ending! "Me luv you long time!"

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