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  1. any 40km entry available? plz msg me
  2. i understand what you saying.. but TT is not a seeding is just a time slot. I just hope there will be better logic in the process if no result was registered in the last 12 months. Is there a difference between a cycle challenge virgin and somebody who have done it more that 5 times? i am not asking for a "a-c" (those guys worked for it in the last 12 months) slot. just at least a single alphabet letter. What seeding index does a guy in x,y or z have?
  3. I did last years race but my time was over 3 hours so i turn into the parking area ( big mistake) so my last timed event was 2012 cycle challenge were i did a 2:53 from group B i have emailed them for a 'grace' re seeding but no response so far..
  4. i have done 3 , sub 3 cycle challenges with a person best time of 2:26. I will be starting in group TT just because i have no seeding events results for the last 12 months... nice ne?!! %$^&%@%^%&&%&%@@^&&*
  5. iphone 4s race case plzzzz http://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/topeak-ride-case-iphone
  6. oh dit jy! ek het jou gesien val ja, en jy het jou bottle ook laat val wat my amper laat crash het...
  7. jou bogger! ek dog heeltyd ek was voor in die groep! het jy vroeg weg gery?
  8. i am looking for something to mount my iphone 4S
  9. beautiful banna , you will never look back!
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