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  1. So what's the story.... what do you have to do to get into the ABSA VIP tent / become an ABSA rider?
  2. Having serious envy during the race for the fancy treatment the guys received in the ABSA VIP tents… whats the trick, how does one get in on that action?
  3. Gunston

    Logistics Help

    I want to enter the upcoming Cape Pioneer Trek but have some logistical challenges - hoping that someone here has been through this before and can give some guidance (I have mailed Dryland a set of questions with no response - so hopefully someone here can help....) With no flights or direct bike transport from King Shaka to George, I'll have to fly via King Shaka to JHB to George, this somewhat complicates things I'll be flying my bike in a bike bag, will the shuttle service be able to take my bike also? I assume that if they do, they will also transport my bike bag to the finish and then back to the airport again? with the shuttle service running the day before and the day after the event also, does that mean the tented accommodation will be available those days also? For anyone that has done this race before on their own - any comments or recommendations on the logistics? what worked well? What didn't? Would love to do it but so far just getting there and back feels like a bigger challenge than the actual event.
  4. Hi Jaco..... any chance this entry is still available?
  5. Does anyone know if the Tankwa Trek is still happening as planned on 4 - 7 Feb 2021? I'm either missing all the comms from their side or there is none...as per the website, it still says all is good to go but the COVID update has been the same for months now...
  6. I'll be in Cape Town early December for a couple of days and would like to spend as much time on the trails we will be riding for Epic (or as close to it as I can get) while there. Any recommendations on where to stay (was planning on Paarl somewhere) and where to ride while in town? thanks!
  7. Anyone here from Ballito? We are new in the area and I would love to connect with training groups in the area to join on any organized rides / runs / ocean swims.
  8. We are new in the Ballito area and I would love to join a road riding group - I heard about a group that rides / used to ride from the BP near the mall over weekends. Does anyone have info on whether this is still happening? Saturdays or Sunday or both? What time? Pace? etc... thanks!
  9. If anyone can recommend a dietician that fits this description in the greater JHB area that would also be great....?
  10. This sounds super cool. I hate waiting /sharing a lane at the gym pool so will definitely be checking out the endless pool option. I have been in one once before for stroke correction and it was really cool. Will you guys also be doing the virtual training on the cycleopps bikes? Would be nice to "cycle" the ironman route a few times before the big day.
  11. I have recently moved from Fourways to Centurion and miss having the Cradle on my doorstep. Where do the roadies in the Centurion area go for a ride? Any organised group rides I can join?
  12. I'm getting a bit gatvol of the cradle and want to wander out to a different route for a change of scenery. Never been to Suikerbosrand and would love to give the hills a go. How does it work out there- rock up and ride? Is it safe to ride alone? Anything special to know? and also.... How do I get there from Fourways? Thanks. Any other good sugestions of alternative routes in GP would also be welcomed.
  13. Gunston

    IM Zurich

    Awesome! After not being able to get an entry for Challenge Roth I settles for IM Zurich so will see you there. The wife is also doing the 5150 the day before so its going to be a great weekend all round. Switzerland is super expensive and the exchange rate is not helping - start saving now!
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