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EQSTRA Spring Classic


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Hi Hubbers.


I have a rant I need to vent out real quick.


I attended the Spring classic last weekend, I was issued temp number boards 2925T by staff at Cyclelab the day before.


on the results pdf there is my name, surname, number, and wrong category, so I thought to myself they mightve just messed this up.

Upon e-mailing them I received a reply saying that my ID number starts with 911025.... which is 6yrs too short for my age, the time shows 2h flat, which according to me is 35-40min too short...


This is nothing tho:

I've checked action photographs to see if there are any pics of me, and upon my suprise on the above numbers (2925T) there is a completely different rider, I've also enquired about that but the organisers cannot help me there at all, as they not affiliated with action photographs.


I'm aware of a number of pirate boards, and riders that did not pay for their entry, hence the long wait for the result... but If I was considered to be a pirate after paying all the necessary fees I doubt I'll go and attend this race ever again.



Did anyone else have fiascos with their results?

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Uhu. Also tried matching up numbers and photos dissecting this way and that but stil have a result of DNF. Should have just made it CLEAR that you can ride with your SAS board. Even after phoning Cycle lab and the "race number" they supplied, for not getting an number board, noby said "use your SAS board. A well <_<

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Suggest you buy your own number and board for R35 and I doubt you will have this problem in the future. I've had my own board for more than a year, used it for numerous races and never had a problem with results. All your emergency details are also on the back of the board-easy to access if you have a bad accident. Cheap at the price!

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At registration they could not find my entry so they gave me a start group D, on the results they had start group B, as there is no timing of which you batch you start in i've got 10 min added to my time. This could easily have been avoided had they had a list of riders at reg to first verify i had entered and second check the batch i was allocated.


The reverse is true for riders reg to start in later batches but then jump batches and so end up with faster times than they actually rode (one guy in i saw in B batch had F number, that gives him 20 min)


But no sweat, i enjoyed the race and will do again.

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