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  1. And there's the special of 20% discount off any of Disco online partners on the 15th on every month atm which I have used to empty my wish list on Takealot.
  2. Give me a couple of days and I'll let you know. I took my 820 in today!
  3. I need to swop out my 820 as the battery doesn't last much longer than 3 hrs. Has anybody swopped out their 820 Edge lately? Do they give you another 820 or do they upgrade you to a 830?
  4. Speak to Mark at Strides. 082 855 300508 2 85082 855 30055 3005
  5. Pusher

    Garmin pay

    I've been using FNB virtual credit card on my phone. Tap my phone and it works like a dream! The CCV number changes every hour and you can delete and create new cards at will which is great for online shopping.
  6. ...and check the sealant in your tyres. Suggest you top both wheels up if you haven't done so recently!
  7. I suggest you put each days riding kit in different zip locks bags which makes it very easy to sort out your kit for the next day and the dity stuff goes back into the empty bag. I had all my kit and casual wear in different zip locks which made much easier to sort out. It's also much easier to unpack your box when you are looking for something.
  8. I have found their bib sizes to be inconsistent!
  9. Those swing arm bearing creak like crazy! I agree with Bob, I'm sure you can find better bike on thehub.
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