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rear suspension


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to start off i don't know if there are even ten but, wateva


there are some many ways of making a rear wheel go up and down but there is only one best way.

think of lightness, stiffness, goodness at taking small/big bumps, if the crank stays where it is and any other things that rear suspension does

what i want to know is:

best for XC

best for trail

best for all mountain

best for free ride

best for down hill


here are SOME vids of what there is to offer


don't forget kona, trek, merida, specialized and anything else you know of

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I think I speak on behalf of all here when I say that there is no "best" suspension design out there. Single Pivot, VPP etc etc. Each one of them has characteristics that the other does not, and as such will suit different types of riders and have different characteristics in terms of their treatment of the bumpy stuff, and not so bumpy stuff.


Some riders prefer a more linear spring rate, some prefer the ease of a single pivot, some prefer the floatiness that the VPP gives.


In addition, the marketing departments of each different company will tell you why their design is better than all the rest for that specific application.


To narrow it down to best for each specific discipline is like saying that Shell is the best fuel in the world for short circuit racing.

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thanks, before i was like "maestro is very cool and the way the BB moves on the mongoose is strange" now buying a bike just became a lot easier :unsure: :)

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DUde, I still get a bit strange when I try to figure out how the Switch suspension works on the new Yeti...


Gives me the willies!


I so want a SB66. On my wishlist for next year. Loving my ASR5 at the moment though :)

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the way the BB moves on the mongoose is strange" :unsure: :)


Yup, you going to end up looking down and not seeing your crank or pedals :blink:

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wait what? is the terminology wrong? sorry but you should know what i mean

most cranks are attached to the front triangle, not something in the middle

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