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  1. Still waiting for them to appear, but I do think my one is prettier (and straighter)
  2. But they are offered at a lower price than their competition. Hence, they are value for money.
  3. Because if it's good, at a cheap price, that means it's value for money. IE: The item's quality exceeds the general level of quality of other items at that price. Hence, it is a complimentary statement. Value for money can be justified at any price. It's not a degrading connotation at all, your opinion on the term is incorrect. (EDIT: This means that it doesn't mean what you think it means) (EDIT EDIT: People need to clarify what is being said when the person they're querying is allocating incorrect definitions to standard sayings)
  4. You clearly haven't seen the last few iterations of each respective brand's products. Both Silverback and Titan have a range of excellent bikes, fit for purpose and pretty up to date. OP: Titan are a great option. They represent significant value in certain areas, compared to others in the space. This value does not come at the expense of performance and / or quality.
  5. yeah, 32mm would have been nice for the Flow. They already have a 35mm internal in the guise of the Baron.
  6. Or you didn't fill them up half way and freeze them the night before.
  7. They're cheap and work bloody well. Better than most even at 1/4 the price. Sandpaper. Done.
  8. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Thermo and I were chatting about it yesterday, it's definitely an option. Even if it's just the lite.
  9. Nope. Strava only allows you to get points for speed / distance, not HR. So you're limited to 100 points per exercise when tracked via Strava.
  10. Correct, they don't recognise workouts that don't originate from a garmin device. It sucks, that's for sure, but that's the ecosystem they're building for themselves. Garmin & Apple, those are the 2 big partnerships.
  11. I'll address those concerns tomorrow, when I'm not a bottle of red down after a fantastic day. 🤣 I agree with both of you btw.
  12. Ah, yes - the lombards XCO climb is definitely a good technical climb. Thanks for hte reminder. Lower Canaries used to be awesome!
  13. Ja, I think that's the only one that can be categorised as even remotely technical, and even then it's not, really. Funny, the cry for more technical climbing trails doesn't elicit anywhere near the coruscation of SIMPism that the cry for more technical descents does, by the looks of things.
  14. Ha! It was more of a case of my existing bookmarks / shortcuts not working anymore, so meh. Move on. Synopsis: Joined a corporate. Turned out to be professional suicide. Left. Joined a completely different setup. Turned into the best thing ever. Everything's on me. Fell in love with an old hobby again, may have found a chic that gels with my brand of crazy, and things are... excellent. Still a ways to go to get to where I wanna be, but it's full flippin steam ahead. In my own time, by my own rules. Anyway. Totally OT, but @Uni if you need some help, holla. myles@mm-fs.com
  15. Yo, Benster! Yeah, I'm well thanks. It's been a tumultuous few months, that's for sure, but it's all good now. Mostly. LOL. I didn't really log on when the platform changed, and TBH there was very little that I felt I lost as a result of it. I may come on more often again, but it'll only be on a few threads (like this one) which I feel add to other peoples' lives, through understanding of what they have / how it can be gamed etc.
  16. Hey Uni, Easiest way would be for your Ex to do what you're considering. Changing principal member just to take your own one out is a very messy way of doing things. Just remove them from your membership, they will have to apply for a new membership in their own right. It's a simple application form, no medical questions needed to be answered, just a form.
  17. He also has a habit of keeping his tyres really fresh for the end of the race. Sadly those softs were really at the end of their tether by that stage. He said it - as soon as he felt those rears start giving up he knew he'd be passed because of the traction he was losing out of the corners And, he's also just a lekka guy.
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