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Zipp wheel Stickers

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I have bought a set of these stickers. Firstly my old stickers are lacquered in so i have to stick them on perfectly. Secondly how do you work them into the dimples?? on the website they say:If the original decals are molded in, (use the thumbnail test to feel for an edge) you will have to purchase a set of decals and apply them over the top. Molded in decals cannot be removed without structural damage to the rim.Peel or gently scrap off all parts of the old decal. Clean the rim well with soap and water and then use rubbing alcohol or acetone to remove any residual grime and grease. Slowly peal the backing off the decal, position the new decal over the rim and apply staring at one end. Work the air bubbles from the center towards the outside. Use a squeegee applicator (PA-1 from 3M) to work the decal into the dimples

Wat is a SQUEEGEE???


Any tips please? dont want to spend R500 for these stickers and then i do a crappy job :(

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I peeled a decal off my Fulcrum wheels this morning,when i was cleaning my bike.The corner looked ugly so i decided to take it off.


Quite a bit of that sticky residue was left behind,so i have been sitting cleaning it off with nail polish remover and a credit card.Now to do the other wheel and see what happens.

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Stick down from one side and rub it into the holes as you go. A squeegee will not help with the holes. Use your finger is a hard stencil brush.


To remove old glue, spray some insect killer on, and rub in with your finger (use latex/rubber gloves). Wipe clean with paper towel and repeat until 100%. Now wash service with soap to remove the rest of insect killer spray.

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