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DT swiss rims


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I had a really nice ride yesterday except for going over a ladder & losing my balance & went crashing into a tree!


Luckily I wasn't hurt at all, but my bikes front rim was bent badly (Std Alex rims). I managed to bend it into a (very) fair condition so that while riding you can't see it wobbling & I could enjoy the rest of the day. Obviously it's not true anymore, but I can utilise it for time being.


OK that being said, now for the actual topic...


I've heard good reviews on the DT Swiss X455 rims. Are these any good or should I opt for a higher model?


Where can I get my hands on these?





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I have an X455. Awesome rim ITO value. On my racing wheels I have the DT 4.2 rims. Also great. If weight is not as important as the money I'd go for the 455.

But ask your LBS to try and true it before you replace the rim. You might be surprised.

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Dont forget that if you change your rims, you'll most probably have to change spokes too. Different rims have different profiles and if you don't replace like with like, you end up with spokes that could be too short or too long.


AFIK there is no Alexrims agent in ZA anymore. All's not lost though. Find a wheelbuild that can help you source a rim with exact the same Effective Rim Diameter (ERD) as the one you have. Then you can save money by reusing the old spokes.

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