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  1. I bought a 650B in 3C EXO+ from my LBS at the end of December.
  2. Can you please add a general search for "View All MTB Classifieds" as well as the rest of the categories respectively instead of "View All Classifieds". It takes more time to enter each section, Bikes, then frames, then components then wheels etc. I build bikes for a hobby or aren't always looking for only 1 specific item at a specific time. We buy items (Ie: Bargains) whenever it pops up. * Sorry if this has been discussed.
  3. The Rapide shims wrap around about the post about 90-95% (& I'm sure Lyne's & many other brands do as well). Don't see any ovalization happening when using those shims. I am using a Rapide shim on a KS dropper without any issue. On a side note: Never overtighten a seat clamp when using a dropper post. The sidewalls of the tubes are fairly thin to save weight. Over tightening the seat clamp will distort the dropper's sidewall & posts will perform sluggish or not fully extend. Always use a torque wrench to tighten the seat clamp. Range is around 5-7 Nm See manufacturer's specs.
  4. Thanx, but I see the price is unchanged... Will check again during the morning.
  5. https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/shimano-pd-gr500-pedals As well as the above, please.
  6. https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/hope-pro-4-rear-hub-32-hole-boost A good deal on this will be highly appreciated.
  7. Is there an alternative synthetic motor oil that may be a substitute for the 5W Magnatec?
  8. Does you HRM's strap have silicone 1 side? Edit: Someone just posted a bit faster what I've suggested.
  9. http://www.double-distribution.com/nsb_schaltaugen.html Maybe it's these guys SwissVan was thinking about.
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