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Andrew McLean dominates time trial at Msunduzi Road Challenge


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Andrew McLean dominates time trial at Msunduzi Road Challenge

Press release - 29 October 2011


Camperdown - Andrew McLean signalled his return to top form after a two month injury lay-off with a stunning overall victory in the 27km time trial at the Msunduzi Road Challenge, Africa's leg of the new UCI World Cycling Tour on Saturday.


Racing in his 45-49 year age group the Toyota Cyclelab icon was the only rider able to cover the demanding undulating course in less than 40 minutes, comfortably winning his age group and showing up dozens of time triallists decades younger than himself.


"I am actually pretty stunned," he said afterwards. "I have only been back on the bike for three weeks after my knee injury and only done one serious race, so to have gone as well as I did in the time trial was really pleasing."


"The course was tough but fair," he added afterwards. "There were some technical sections and quite a bit of climbing but I thought it was a fait test of a riders all-round ability and an enjoyable ride."


McLean's teammate for the upcoming Absa Cape Epic Bruce Diesel crashed out of the time trial in a horrific accident after approaching the double right hand corner section too fast and crashing into the barrier, catapulting him over the opposite lane.


Diesel was rushed from the scene in an ambulance and is reported to be in a stable condition in hospital with facial and mouth injuries.


Myles van Musschenbroek posted a comprehensive win in the open division, catering from 16 year old to 29 year olds, but was a shade off the pace set by the on-firm winner of 30-35 age group Neville Cragg.


Lynette Burger showed her undisputed time trial talent by romping to victory in the women's race, with Maria Fourie and Ronel Van Staaten filling the other podium places in the 30-34 age group, while Isabel Mo0olamn posted a solid performance to top the women's 35-39 age group.


Sissel Vien, racing in the colours of Norway, won her 50-54 year age group and soaked up the opportunity to qualify for next years UCI World Cycling Tour final and get vital experience on the course. The Oslo native, who lived in Johannesburg for two years enjoyed the challenge of the time trial layout.


"There was a little of everything, and I really enjoyed it," she said. "It was longer than what I am used to for a time trial, but was good experience before the world champs here next year."


Terry Burrell proudly took the gold in the men's 75-79 year age group from his good friend Bryan Deacon, both of whom thrives in the recent decision to expand the masters age groups from a combined 65+ age grouping to separate five year groupings for all the older riders.


117 time triallists took part in the 27km time trial, which offered 250m of climbing in the vicinity of the Lion Park. Most rider enthused over the course, noting that it was a slightly longer than usual time trials and included more climbing.


More information can be found at www.msunduziroadchallenge.co.za



Local rider Karen Bargate (right) approached fellow time triallist Ilna Lemmer after turning at the halfway point of the time trial at the Msunduzi Road Challenge.

Craig Dutton/Gameplan Media



A time traillist turns at the Lion Park turnoff during the first days racing of the Msunduzi Road Challenge

Craig Dutton/Gameplan Media



Andrew McLean was the only rider to race inside 40 minutes on the time trial of the Msunduzi Road Challenge.

Craig Dutton/Gameplan Media



An unidentified rider on the horizon close to the Lion Park during the time trial at the Msunduzi Road Challenge.

Craig Dutton/Gameplan Media



Andrew McLean (centre) with Gwyn Pine (left) and Marius Nel (right) on the podium of his 45-49 year age group. Mclean posted the fastest overall time

Craig Dutton/Gameplan Media






Men 16-29

1.Myles van Musschenbroek 00:40:42.58

2.Callen Watson 00:42:00.50

3.Aston Davies 00:43:13.76

4. Alan Gordon 00:44:31.96

5.Stephen Barkhuizen 00:45:23.61


Men 75-79

1.Terrence Burrell 00:54:34.63

2.Bryan Deacon 00:56:13.17


Men 70-74

1.Walter Bradford 00:53:40.77

2.Vincent Kelly 00:55:34.04


Men 65-69

1.Jan van den Berg 00:48:12.27

2.Roger Rennie 00:49:24.92

3.John Eloff 00:50:12.28

4.David Piper 00:52:12.32

5.Hal McLaren 00:52:23.32


Men 60-64

1.Christiaan Rossouw 00:44:02.51

2.Adrian Stander 00:45:09.77

3.Noel Zaidy 00:45:44.79


Men 55-59

1.Ernest Horn 00:43:31.52

2.Barend Bester 00:45:05.28

3.Athol Dand 00:46:28.19

4.Patrick Quinlan 00:58:54.40


Men 50-54

1.Neville Ackerman 00:40:37.27

2.Uwe Schmidt 00:41:50.91

3.Robert Wilkie 00:42:19.16

4.Charles Nienaber 00:42:36.90

5.Manfred Reinhart 00:44:23.04


Men 45-49 Final

1.Andrew McLean 00:39:13.05

2.Marius Nel 00:40:52.10

3.Gwyn Pine 00:41:22.25

4.Frans Cronje 00:42:24.90

5.Roy Brennon 00:43:59.10


Men 40-44 Final

1.Brett Berriman 00:40:02.97

2.Werner Moolman 00:41:20.78

3.Danie Marais 00:41:30.88

4.Jacobus Klopper 00:41:34.54

5.Martin van Wyk 00:41:55.15


Men 30-34

1.Neville Cragg 00:40:28.26

2.Robert Quinn 00:41:00.20

3.Jeremy Maartens 00:41:09.85

4.Gavin Van Aswegen 00:43:09.22

5.JC Jooste 00:43:58.54


Men 35-39

1.Andy Davies 00:40:56.98

2.Demitri Le Roux 00:41:11.97

3.Jan van der Merwe 00:41:59.02

4.David van Straaten 00:44:47.13

5.Carlos Cuenca 00:47:11.82


Ladies 45-49

1.Christiana Brenzel 00:51:29.50


Ladies 30-34

1.Lynette Burger 00:44:51.59

2.Maria Fourie 00:47:49.06

3.Ronel Van Staaten 00:49:41.80


Ladies 35-39

1.Isabel Moolman 00:46:11.71


Ladies 40-44

1.Yvette Nergrine 00:49:55.31

2.Kim Rose-Gershaw 00:50:22.15

3.Adel Van Wyk 01:00:10.82

4. Jennylee Bryson 01:03:46.36


Ladies 50-54

1.Sissel Vien 00:45:42.36

2.Pauline Cound 00:48:52.60

3.Almal Bester 00:49:25.34

4.Marina Smuts 00:50:24.89

5.Valda Scheppel 00:53:50.00


Ladies 55-59

1.Erna DuToit 00:52:39.99

2.Ilna Lemmer 00:54:45.94

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Impressive!But that does not say much for the other guys far younger to him. :unsure:


He is just getting started again. At SA's he rode 10 minutes across to the front of the 30-39 bunch, up to the break, asked if this was the front of the sub vets, and then rode away from them.

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Who can forget the moans at SA champs a few years back where the younger vets cats complained when he wanted to drop down and race in their cat.


Tough luck to Bruce Diesel on crashing, used to be a regular here on the Hub.

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