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Fox vs RockShox (29er)


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Morning all,


Can anyone tell me if these 2 forks are roughly equivalent, or one better than the other (and why)?


Rock Shox SID 29 RL Air

Fox Float F29 RLC FIT


Have been shopping for a 29 HT, and Giant / BMC have the Fox, Scott / Silverback / Specialized have the RockShox. Spec. version is modified with 'brain', so possibly not a good comparison.

Have looked at their respective websites, but not found a reasonable comparison of the 2.


Bike will be used for mainly XC / Marathon.




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Try to avoid Spez's brain as far as possible. It will tie you down to their propriety gear in the future and it's not the best out there. Very little between RS and Fox, but when it comes to SID vs F29 the SID takes it.


Stiff, very light and plush. Its easier to service and getting full travel from it won't be a task unto its own.

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I have either on two of the same bikes.Both giant anthem29ers.fox is slightly heavier but solid quality and works well for xc racing .i find the sid better for technical terain.i hope this helps

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Had Fox on my previous bike and now SID. I prefer the SID but not really much in it. SID have remote lock out, that swung it for me.

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Take the SID. It's remote lockout is the shiz. Further, I'm convinced that Rox is toughter than Fox, new pashima poofter cashmere coating notwithstanding.

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I can just mention that the Fox 29er shocks seem to be a bit "pissy". Within 9 months mine has needed a complete rebuild, yet it did have intermediate servicing and I believe I look after my gear properly. Many chaps with Fox shocks are having issues......

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