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Front Fork for ladies hardtail


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I am busy re-building my 16" Schwinn Moab 2 for my daughter who is 14. I am stripping it to the frame and rebuilding from scratch. This bike gave me 7 years of awesome riding so part of the mission is sentimental :)


I am looking for a soft front suspension fork for someone who weighs about 50kg. Coil or air will do but if coil it must be soft as most coil forks are too hard.


The bike originally had a Rock Shox Jett which acted as a pogo stick and was not very good.



26" wheel (no 29'ers back in the day)

1 1/8" steerer (28mm)

V-Brake posts

75mm travel (or their abouts)

Distance from bottom of steerer to wheel mounts 45cm. This will determine the front ride height\angle






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Hey SurfRase - in case you haven't yet been - welcome to the Hub!


At that weight, most entry level shocks, from the recognised brands would be perfect. Rockshox Judy immediately springs to mind... They often have these on sale at CRC, and have seen some being sold for as little as R600.00...


But that's the easy part.


The really, really tricky part - is finding a new fork, or even a 2nd hand fork, with V-brake bosses... Very few of the new forks are still sold with v-brake bosses.... Again - keep your eye on CRC and the like, they sometimes get rid of 'new' older-stock, which is when you might get lucky...


Due to the problem as above, it means you are more than likely going to have to look around for a decent 2nd hand fork, and the best place to do it would be here on the Hub. The one advantage to that, is that whereas they are older, you can sometimes pick-up one of the better models in the Fox/Rockshox range, since a few years ago, many of them still came out with both v-brake and disc tabs...


So good luck with your search.


This thread should probably be moved out of Rant & Rave, and in to one of the other sub-forums (Buyer's Guide/TechQ&A) - I'll leave it here for a bit, to allow other comments, and then move it. Thereafter, I suggest you pop up a Wanted Classifieds ad in the relevant section on the Hub.



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