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Difference between a Momsen AL 529 and Al 729 Frame


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OK, I am doff.

Looking on line at these two frames I can not see any difference between the 2. What am I missing? All the bright guys out there please help. :eek: :eek:

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Biggest is that the 729 is carbon fiber and the 529 aluminum


No, you get an AL 729 as well.

The OP asked what the difference is between the AL 529 and the AL 729 not the SL 729.

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They look very similar to me, just the components that are different, definitely go with 729 if you can, the SL729 is even better.

Maybe e-mail Momsen and ask or go to your LBS...

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Thanks guys, I found exactly what you guys did.Also the rear centre stay is 10 cm shorter on the AL729. How will that affect the bike.

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