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  1. I am out, took a tumble and did my wrist again.
  2. I must agree. My service from Navworld has been way below the levels set by Garmin. Perhaps teething problems but from my experience it was pure apathy. Let's hope they can sort it out.
  3. At this stage I believe it best not to mention names.Rest assured that he and his team are one of the best.He too is a cyclist and is working at considerably discounted rates as this scourge affects him too.
  4. Garmin 910, use for both cycling and running. Great tool.
  5. Google Dupuytrens, I developed mine from a fall.Just had it fixed along with the torn tendons in my wrist.
  6. No co driver is needed.If she wants to follow my buddies driver home to the checkpoint after Berg plaas give me shout and I will arrange it.
  7. First one entered.Should have been this year but life got in the way.
  8. So I did the Knysna big 5 last week. 80km mountain bike 2 bottles of rehydrate and 2 date balls.The 80km road 1 bottle of water, 15km trail run nothing,Exterra full 1/2 bottle of water on the bike, knysna half a mouth of coke 4 km from end. I had lots of energy,past problems of bloated gut and vomiting were gone and in general felt like a million bucks. This way of eating works for me.
  9. I have a problem cycling with an expensive cell phone. They tend to not like water or falling.
  10. I had a garmin 310, now on the the 910. Great watches. I use mine on my wrist, no bike mounts for both road and mountain biking as well as running. You can set up different bike profiles on the 910 which is a great option.
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