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Some Pics of the World Cup DH


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cloud 9 from below - greg says main line will be off the rock on the left of the pic - or doubling the gap behind nicks left shoulder!


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bit of fort bill inspiration there Nige wrt Haibo :thumbup: looking super solid! I'll bet that 2 story drop is gonna be boosted straight into that berm, pretty much the same way the riders boosted that man-made rock boulder garden at La Bresse


afterthought: some commentators were saying that with such a huge catching berm, why didn't the course designer at Fort Bill make the drop off higher, using the words " something to actually test the riders with". So why not something similar for Haibo? not a crit hey, just a question based on that recall.


Also, can you reveal the new camera locations?

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cant make the jump any higher than it is as the run in is pretty flat. But going to make the catch berm a square berm so you slide into it - it wont be a rail berm thats nicely concave! Wanting it to cause some big drifts

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