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Stolen Scott Scale 60


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Hi All


San news, but my Scott Scale 60 was stolen last week from my garage.

I stay in The Reeds, Centurion area and the in sedent happend on the 16-05-1012.

Bike specs are Red Scale size M with full SLX 9sp and White Rock Shox SID Race fork.

If anyone has any info or spot my bike, please give me a call on 0825677156 or ockert.steyn@tomtom.com


For the person who helps me find it, I will give him a TomTom GPS of his choice.




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hi Ockert


hope you find it check the local pawn stores and check at LBS if they have seen the bike around or know of anything.


hope u had it insured bud

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Hi Jules


Thanks, will do the rounds at all the LBS and pawn shops in my area. From my two bikes they had to nick the one that was not specified, but I'm trying for the insurance company to cover it under my houshold contents as it was stolen from my property.

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With what Insurance Company are you? My bike got stolen and I was with OutSurance. The paid out really quick. Mine was also in the garage and it fell under Household Items? Hope they pay out :)

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Got a email from my broker today stating thet the claim is registered and they are going to replace/pay me out. Jipeeeeeee

I am so excited, because now I can start looking for another bike. Oh yes Stefan, Im with Lion of Africa (I know, doesnt sound like a legit insurance company) but work through a broker that I have been using for 11 years now.


Looks like they are only going to pay out between 10 and 12 so I should be able to get a decent second hand bike.

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