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Probiotic Q

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I cant remember which thread it was in, and seems like my 'search fu' is off, just like the cold / flu I cant seem to shake (taking my Vitamin Cs, trying to get as much rest as possible. You name it, im doing / taking it.) .


I havent gone to the Doctor yet. But someone made a posting about taking Probiotics after taking Antibiotics, to improve your immune system.


After reading that, I did some more research on the taking of Probiotics. And apparently taking Probiotics is good for you.


I would like to ask, does anyone take it, as part of their supplements to help combat sickness, and for just general good health.


I read that in some places, woman apply yoghurt to their vajajays to remedy yeast infections :eek:.


If anyone is taking, what product is recommendable. You just google 'probiotic supplement', and you are shown a plethora of products.


Hope someone is able to help.



P.s. Apparently the yoghurts stating they have probiotic cultures, is miss leading, in that there is not enough cultures.

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I have only taken them on recommendation during an 8 stage MTB race last year ... One of those 'did it work didn't it', can't really tell but I had no stomach related issues but I bet neither did many who took nothing :unsure:

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As far as I know, probiotics are not something to "cure" illness, but are the actual bacteria in the stomach that help digestion. They are good bacteria. But antibiotics kill all the bacteria in your body, so when you take them, doctors recommend you replace the good bacteria by taking probiotics.


In general, I would say eat some yoghurt every now and then, and unless you taking antibiotics, don't worry about it. To me its one of those "find a problem for a solution" type things.

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