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  1. He could not have gone to a better home! My homie is the best 👌
  2. Some R&R, camping at Happy Wanderers Pennington for a week ... lekker ride round the Rocky Bay trails 😎 Cool bike shop has opened since I was last here nearly 2 years ago!
  3. Steely Dan doing road duty after last night's rain on the Highveld!
  4. Can't be bothered, based on how I'm seeded on whatever they have is how I'll approach the ride ... near the front as fast as my legs can go, near the back maybe the time to take a single speed bike out
  5. I'm too scared to put anything up to be sold ... 😜
  6. When you go out riding with a gravel biker on the road ... uncouth I tell you! Always a cracker riding with @Pikey
  7. Plenty of info here on the hub, just search 'monstercross' but here's a helpful link in the meantime.
  8. Uh oh ... Cyclingnews.com: Qhubeka NextHash on the brink as riders told to seek new teams. https://www.cyclingnews.com/news/qhubeka-nexthash-on-the-brink-as-riders-told-to-make-alternative-plans/
  9. And y'all thought a lefty was 'weird' 😎
  10. I honestly thought only horsie type people did those ...
  11. Amble around Alberhoughton this morning ... Anyone recall or know why it was referred to as 'Tussen Die Klippe' many years ago? A quick hello at Jurassic Park as my mate Ivan (who happens to be a resident) calls it
  12. An 'easy' gravel ride out to Stilbaai on the Vaal dam with a few mates then a Pat Malone burn back ...
  13. Right so I have those covered and then some ... besides that beat up commuter thing, nowhere to 'commute' to anyway 😎 Gonna refer to this as 'Eldron's law' from now on and inform my wife of this development!
  14. As my Dad used to say 'jy kan jou vinger in jou eie hol af breek as jy hard genoeg probeer', as @Slowbee says just because you can doesn't mean you should ... I choose the routes I ride with my gravel (Monstercross) bike with some care these days, I'm out there to enjoy after all!
  15. “Sunsets, like childhood, are viewed with wonder not just because they are beautiful but because they are fleeting.” – Richard Paul Evans
  16. Ah man the 'yellow Saddler' would have had a field day with the 'stretched cable' comments ...
  17. Sadly that last statement is where the problem is, there are many amongst us that believe that unless you like what they do you're a twat ... I could give many examples - if you race you're an idiot, doing overnight backpacking is the best - Epic is only for rich overweight nontechnical riders - If you ride a Specialized, more so if it's an S-works, you're automatically a twat - If you come to the hub just for cycling and the classifieds you must be stupid, NCR chats #FTW I could go on but I've got some bike stuff to do then take my grandsons for a waffle then go to the track 😎
  18. https://www.thingiverse.com/search?q=Front+derailleur+cover&type=things&sort=relevant Does that help?
  19. I get most of my exercise these days shaking my head in disbelief 😜
  20. Took a trip out to the east this morning for a change, took some documentation with just in case 😜
  21. I'm not a coffee ride kind of guy but some days ...
  22. They come back and some even stay despite 'hating the site a little more every day' apparently ...
  23. That'll do for now ... the fork is probably worth 4 or 5 times the rest of the 'rat bike' build 🤔
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