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Where is the best place to mount a GoPro when riding? I have the handlebar mounts. The chest thing looks like it gives a nice perspective though.

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Chest is good but you struggle to get the right angle youll have to play and find a way to get it back to that same position, I just have a mount on my handlebars and seatpost. I hate having the thing on my head and chest.

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I think helmet gives some of the best views, Nice because its smooth and looks where you look. But I hate the weight of it on my head.


Currently I mount it on my bars, good views of the path, but cant look side to side to side. Also can get bumpy on the down hills. Also those uphills where you go really slowly, and your bars move a lot for balance, makes for crappy video that makes you seasick.

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I agree that having it on your head isn't the best 'cos of the weight (and catching branches) but this will give you the smoothest video as your neck and shoulders absorb most of the vibrations. Use the Vented Helmet Mount which comes as part of the Outdoor Edition or available as an accessory for R140.


The Ride Hero Seatpost Mount is a great accessory to get creative shots from your seatpost, bike frame or handlebars. You'll see a lot more vibrations on this mount but it allows you to get some really great shots to edit into your video. (R185)


The Chesty chest harness also gives a cool shot but it's not something we use too often 'cos (as mentioned before) it can be tricky to film the right angle. With that said, it also gives an awesome angle for editing into a video; a lot of viewers feel that the Chesty point of view seems more real then helmet mounted.


If you want to get a real unique shot then use the Front Mount which comes off the front of your helmet and turns back onto your face. Your face stays perfectly still in the shot but the trail moves around like crazy in the back ground.


Lots of cool options!

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