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Supporting OUTA against tolls


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Hi guys


The fuss against the tolls has died down for the moment, but the fight continues behind the scenes.


We all had a lot to say in opposition to tolling, and swore we would back OUTA to the hilt. Well, this is your chance to get behind them. Don't leave it until the last minute.




Get on the website today for details on how you can contribute, and to see what the costs look like. A small donation is all it takes if everyone pulls together on this. Just think of how much you would have spent on tolls until today, and suddenly the donation looks quite small!


I've made my donation this morning.

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Geesh but the legal fees quoted are hiigh? Senior Council (SC) costs ±R3,800.00/hour and JUnior Council ±R1,500.00/hour, so I am wondering how many hours must have gone into this if the legal cost already amount to R3,7m?

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I made a R500 contribution the other day (felt it was the least I could do as these guys have done a great job so far) but I didn't receive any form of acknowledgement. Not that I'm looking for a pat on the back but with all the internet fraud that goes on, a simple email acknowledging the payment would have been nice.


Will contribute every month until this is over - I'd rather fund OUTA :thumbup: than pay toll fees :thumbdown:


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Not a single cent from me will go to anybody who undermines the integrity of our frail road network. Hope the appeal bites back.

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