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  1. Time to sell them new bikes. Profit.
  2. Next time I get to my old man's house I'll take a pic of his cycling toolbox and post it here. Some stickers going back to the 70's.
  3. Seems like the answer is right there...
  4. Who doesn't have internal cabling?
  5. I use extra virgin Spanish olive oil.
  6. {"error_description":"Invalid JWT token. The token is expired."}
  7. You don't even want to know about my my experience at Nigel Primary then.
  8. I know exactly what you mean. Look at how well Cav did this year, and how much he struggled to confirm a spot for next year. That's what I mean. Good or bad, there is no room for sentiment in the response to an athlete's results when money is involved. When it comes to the SA fans, it's complicated. We have almost zero unified national identity. Small pockets of fans are motivated to support, for example, the springbok rugby team at world champs. when they don't do well, those of us who invested so much personal time in getting behind them feel let down. Without a national unity to fall back on, we then let that out in anger. We need a shrink to explain it.
  9. Doesn't work in the world of professional sports.
  10. For the record, it's an old performance hack, and not just in cycling. Here's an interesting article. https://www.insidehook.com/article/health-and-fitness/smelling-salts-before-working-out
  11. To be clear, that excludes imitation items, correct?
  12. I'm pretty sure that for a championship like Worlds, the federation needs to select which riders may represent the country. I'm almost certain you can't just decide to buy some sa kit from Anatomic's factory shop and rock up and ride.
  13. Well, the Internet is hopeless. Whereas the industry says: https://www.nytimes.com/wirecutter/blog/when-to-replace-your-bike-helmet/
  14. Makes even less sense to me that she was sent then.
  15. That makes me sad. CSA should rather be setting her up to be based in Europe for a season or two and get her up to standard. This current system sets her up for failure. The local level is clearly light years away from reality.
  16. Why is CSA sending hackers to world championship events? I don't want to see the Springs' Boy's High School 1st Rugby Team playing the All Blacks, do I?
  17. Same route as the U23 men? She's the best part of 5 minutes off the winning time for the women today I'd guess.
  18. Victor Hugo Pena has been on Johan Bruyneel's La Movida podcast a few times.
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