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how to set/feel low speed compression fox rlc


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I have the RLC 29 er fox on the Anthem


I have fiddled around quite a bit with rebound and pressures but I cant seem to feel the the difference when adjusting low speed compression


what should I be feeling and how to test


with sag - adjust pressure


with rebound - you can feel how the shock returns at the different speeds relative to setting


On the LC cant really feel anything i turned it all the way Anti clockwise and then 2 clicks clockwise


if I turn it fully clockwise the lockout lever seems to get a little tight on the LC adjuster




Any thoughts/advice


I was riding boulders in tokai and got recoiled off one of those tricky sections and thought LC may have been to high ie. fully clockwise?

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LC is a subtle setting and I think you're looking for its effect in the wrong place. The Tokai incident you describe involved high speed compression.


The two channels are completely independent. LC works, as its name implies, slowly as in when you're going down a steep hill and hanging onto the front brake. If the LC was too low in that instance, the fork would slowly compress and go lower and lower leaving you with an unbalanced feelilng as if you're going over the bars.


The other place I can think of where LC works is when you're doing a long berm. If the berm is long enough and you are going fast enough, without LC you will eventually have reduced travel, with the front end low and in compression. The rear could of course do the same if it doesn't have LC, but we're talking front here only.


It is very subtle to feel LC in action when the bike is stationary. Me, I have to take alcohol before I can BS myself that I can feel it.

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Unstrained just tastes better! :devil:





Methalated spirits :D

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