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  1. Please don’t. In just one case, an injured Caracal is being tracked by SPCA and Rangers, your presence and that of others will jeopardise their efforts as you force the wildlife further into hiding. There are a myriad of other issues that don’t pertain to our mountain bike trail soil conditions. If you know the areas are closed, there should be no reason to seek alternative means to gain entry. The Park boundary is porous, SANParks can hardly close or man every route..
  2. You seem almost proud of yourself. ????‍♂️
  3. Great that you want to get involved. Without either money or volunteer contributions, there will be very little riding opportunities in Cape Town.
  4. There would have been no reason to request a donation from so many generous people, or the need to set up an advocacy membership –again supported by many more generous people acting in the best interest of Tokai– had a percentage of activity card earnings made it's way back to our trails, or any other mtb trail in the Park for that matter.
  5. Oh, you're talking about the "Broken Road". The Donkey trail is not open but now that that's clear, as you were. As for the rest, exclusivity is not our thing but if you ever find it in you to support us with a meager R400 per year so we can continue open more cool stuff, I've posted the link. See you on the mountain. Laters!
  6. We're raising funds to continue the work. Lots and lots still planned. http://tokaimtb.co.za/membership/ Boards are available at; Bike Park Uitsig, Freewheel Cycology, Revolution Cycles, Trail and Tar, Bikemob.
  7. Then please do not promote riding it. Thank you. That said, I am in particular very happy you approve. Do you know about our membership?
  8. I’ve answered your first point which you’ve clearly ignored. “Private club”, “mates”, from what planet do you hail? This is earth, join us anytime. The second point is your opinion. Based on this, I see no reason for further correspondence with you and wish you well in your endeavors to break something on which you obviously place no value. Sad that there are people who do not support improving a facility for the greater community. It could be that you’re just selfish. I would actually like to know who you are.. you must feel real brave hiding behind that pseudonym.
  9. Maybe the few people here who know better would like to suggest the corect route to sustaining a mountain bike network of trails. I'm quite happy to step aside if "around the block" offends you. It just so happens that continuity is our greatest ally.
  10. All this over a simple membership. Edit: that improves the place you ride.
  11. Ok, so quick summary. What is the issue?
  12. Hell yes! Funders come and go, duh! Now he’s trying to pin on something. What a joke.
  13. Well then. Now that it’s been compared to a corrupt self enriching system for elites to steal from the poor, I guess I understand your stance.
  14. I give up. Continue bashing or looking for loopholes, gatecrash even... but please, for the love of God, admit each and every one of you that Tokai needs funds.
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