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Beginner route at Tokai


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This Sunday I plan on going to Tokai for the first time . I here there's something in it for all. :clap:


But I'm not so sure how to go about riding a fairly easy route.


Can I please get advice on how I would have to ride according to this map and how many km's total.


Also, any beginner groups/people riding on Sunday mornings?




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hey heedo.


Are you looking to hit some single track or just stay on the jeep track?

Be prepared to climb for a few KM's then pick a route running along the contours and enjoy the view!

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Get a feel for singletrack and ride the Faerie Garden.. It is a gradual climb, not a 1st time out lung buster.. If you want more, then take a roll round the corner and head up the main jeeptrack at your own pace.. watch the people fly by and enjoy the day knowing you will reach that fitness too, if you just keep at it..


Mantra for the day: NO PRESSURE!



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.....Mantra for the day: NO PRESSURE!.....

That's the way!

Btw, that map is difficult unless you know Tokai. Just remember that you cannot get lost in Tokai, ever, and especially on the weekend. Someone will find you in a matter of minutes and show you the right way to heaven (mtb heaven).

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