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  1. I was wondering how long it would be before they make up the majority of the field. It certainly saw a HUGE increase over the last two years. Edit: I know it's unlikely, but still.........
  2. While you are there, sommer buy a Prince Albert cycling shirt or two. Arno use the proceeds to help development riders. They are very stylish and comfortable (the shirts). I used mine for the first time at the CTCT and attracted a bit of attention from other Prince Albert lovers. Great quality and value.
  3. Black on Black meets colour on the Constantia Greenbelts. Wet, muddy, slippery, sunshine, drizzle, clear, overcast, sunny with showers! Lovely four-seasons-in-one ride with Beattbox. Great recovery coffee and Swiss confectionery (thanks S). Serious bike wash done, fire lit, wine open, now we braai! Stuff this on/off rain, if you let the weather dictate what you do in Cape Town, you need to change your approach!
  4. Sorry, I had to edit out the address. it is the entrance to one of the most interesting and ususual houses in Cape Town and it belongs to a good mate. Take it as a reminder that one should never judge a book by its' cover, especially when it comes to Cape Town people.
  5. I also though so, but my youngest, who is into his oceanography and marine biology, tells me that is it not that unusual. But then, he's a student and they think they know everything............😉 Edit: Come to think of it, the last three occasions he and his student pal were spot on predicting where and when the bioluminescense will be, so maybe I should give them a bit more credit?
  6. It's a bloody shame that the less time you have, the longer things (like the CTCT) take................ðŸĪŠ
  7. Isn't entries supposed to open on 1September........what's WRONG with these people?! 😜
  8. Went for a swim at Fish Hoek beach on Wednesday night. Beautiful bioluminescence. Even managed a few more or less decent pictures. Pity there was a moon and too much light pollution. Would have been spectacular on a really dark night.
  9. Just want to highlight and bump this bit!👍
  10. All depends on the colour of sealant used...........ðŸĪŠ
  11. The bit from the top of Smitwinkels all the way past Scarborough, Misty Cliffs, Ocean View past Masi to the Sun Valley intersection is in serious need of a resurfacing.
  12. I know someone who is very seriously into his adventure motorbiking. He did a Cape To Kairo first. Said that his wife was very supportive, even encouraged him to go and "find himself". Next he did the length of South America. his wife said yes, go get your "midlife crisis" out of the way. Then he did North America up to Alaska..........I said I thought he had a much more understanding wife than mine.............he said that he didn't even have to ask for permission for that last trip because he was single again. edit: I also know someone who sold the family home because he was made a REALLY good offer and never told his wife until after the deal was done. Seriously. He was still trying to work out a way to tell her when the new owner arrived with an architect to look at how he wanted to change the place. That was the first she heard about it. Somehow he is still alive and they are still married. (I would have been dead and buried in the backyard.)😉
  13. Interesting, the discussion about what was different this year. This is what I saw Sunday: Definitely fewer people and more room to maneuver. I liked that because basically D and I did a ride of our own and never drafted anyone or joined a bunch at any time. Perhaps we took social distancing among 18000 people too seriously? (I decided to do that since my bad crash that was caused by an inexperienced rider that did something dumb and nearly cost me my life. Since then I only ride in a group with people I know and trust. Tough luck if it makes my CTCT slower and more difficult. I'll just have to start a new team DJR.) The unusual start format was a bit difficult, but for a first try it actually worked. I did not miss the Expo and liked how quick and easy the number collection was. I think vaccination and negative Covid tests are here to stay, at least for another year or two. It certainly made me feel a bit more relaxed about Covid in my first real big crowd outing since the start of the pandemic. I could really say, afterwards, that I had absolutely minimal contact with people. I think that the organizers did well and I'm keen to see how it pans out afterwards. I'm sure the medics are doing interesting studies to track Covid after the Tour. Definitely far less aggression and a lot more goodwill out there. I'm not sure why this was. Perhaps the lower numbers? Perhaps the grumpies stayed away? Perhaps fewer Gauteng riders? (Just kidding you lot of Vaalies!) Fewer old classic steel bikes, certainly in the groups where we rode. Perhaps the bike collectors (mostly older?) stayed away? I rode my 30 year old Eddy Merckx and usually I see many other old bikes all around, mostly ridden by proud owners who are always ready for a chat along the way. But not this year. I heard more Afrikaans than I can remember from any previous Tour. Perhaps that had something to do with there being a far bigger proportion of locals this year? Frankly, Afrikaans speakers make up a much bigger portion of the Western Cape and Cape Town than most people think. Almost zero internationals, although I heard French and Italian along the way. Yes, I know I heard the Italian going up Chappies, and by then I was also probably hearing voices in my head ........ More e-bikes than I expected, sommer many more e-bikes! They didn't bother us and I think they should be allowed to start wherever they are seeded. It will thin them out. Perhaps they will learn some manners and have sympathy with the likes of slowpokes sweating up the steep hills? Also, many more gravel bikes. Some of them really good looking too. The people of Cape Town are fantastic supporters and came out to cheer just about the same as for any other Tour. Perhaps the only part that was quieter than usual was down around Cape Point. The usual supporter spots like Wineberg hill and Suikerbossie were as packed as usual. The "mankini guy" of Simonstown is a diehard fan of the Tour. I did not miss the lack of facilities at the finish because we do our own thing (usually a braai) anyway. I was impressed that there were just as many marshalls, water points and traffic cops out there on duty compared to a normal year with full numbers. It did not feel like a "last minute, half baked" tour at all.
  14. Just do it! Riding tandem with my sons when they did their first one is something I treasure just as much as riding domestique for my father when he did his final one at age 80. Oh, and the few years in between when we did it as a three-generations-team. Priceless stuff! I see another tandem in my future for the day when I cannot do it on my own anymore and my sons will have to captain for me. I'll pick that over an e-bike any time.
  15. I have a (much younger) cousin who rides for one of the professional teams, so I knew he would ride a blistering time. All fine..............until my own son (rethinking my will) pointed out that N could have done it exactly twice in the same time it took me yesterday............. ðŸĪŠ
  16. For many years I said that my fitness aim was to keep it at a level where I can jump on a bike any day of the year and go ride the CTCT route. Mind you, not race it, but ride it and finish it. Well, today I had to prove that big time! I decided to leave the fancy fast carbon bike at home and ride the 30 year old steel Eddy Merckx because it is the most comfortable of my bikes. Zero training done because of a long list of reasons (excuses). But one of the young Ds said he wanted to ride............and when your 21 year old son wants to spend a day on the bike with you, you better step up! That I did. It was strange to start after sunrise. D had to wait for me a lot, I have to admit (10 minutes on Chappies alone), but we had an absolute blast of a day out there. Weather was PERFECT! Capetonians still came out to cheer! The vibe was EXACTLY what the Tour is famous for! Didn't even see a single crash! Wind was just about absent! That doesn't happen often. I can honestly say that I had fun all the way down to the Cape Point turn, but from there it was a case of preserving the legs all the way to the finish line, I won't say how long it took. That I am now a bit stuffed and don't want to even LOOK at my bikes usually comfortable saddle, is also true, but hey, I consider today the start of a new training block! (Where long slow steady distance is called for) Oh, and this is the ONE year I can post pictures of what remains of team DJR!
  17. We have a couple of simple rules that make marital life and harmony compatible and that's worked well for a few decades. Two of those rules are that I don't stick my nose into what her shoes cost and she does the same for bikes. Then one day, in passing conversation I told her how shocked I was at the cost of good cycling shoes ............... she laughed and said to go buy a pair immediately because that was a bargain .............. now I really have to force myself to look the other way every time I walk past an upmarket womens shoe boutique. 😉
  18. Being a Saffa, I thought it was just another plastic shopping bag blowing in the wind......sorry Bob. 😉
  19. Yes, absolutely. Personally I think first the physiotherapy, then the biokinetics and then gym / exercise on your own until you are 100% again. I think the physiotherapists are better in the early stages of the rehab because they understand fractures/injuries and the rehab thereof better. Later on the bios are better as they understand "sports-function" better.
  20. Sorry about your misfortune. There is no protective gear for a collarbone. Knees, shins, elbows, eyes, wrists. hands, ankles, heads, necks, hips, backs, ribs, even balls, but there really is nothing that will save you from a hard fall on the shoulder. Nothing that is practical anyhow. (I did my right shoulder in twice and unsuccessfully searched for the same magical protection). Even full on downhill body armour does not protect the shoulder. Once the bones fused, it is quite strong and the biggest problem with a fall after that is because the tendons are often very stiff after the healing period. If you fall again soon after, people often tear shoulder ligaments and that can be a much bigger problem to sort out. So, concentrate to get flexibility back through physio and stretching exercises afterwards. All according to what your doctor says of course. B.t.w. did you have it pasted together surgically with plate and screws, or is it healing naturally in a sling only? The healing / recovery / rehab times will vary radically depending on the type of fracture you had as well as how it was treated. Heal well and don't be in too much of a hurry to do the crazy stuff again.
  21. https://mercerbikes.co.za/contact-us/ Dave is a sterling guy and his work is world class.
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