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  1. For sure there are many better ways of dealing with TMNP access, some good and simple, easy to use ones even, but knowing SANParks, they, sure as hell, will never use any of those.😞
  2. Nice one Patch 👍😃
  3. Oh my, I've had a brain frazzle! Terrible, must be this Covid thing called brain fog! Yes, it's the same thing! Sorry for the confusion. I called it Never Ending Story once and the name got stuck in the wrong drawer full of the wrong mushy gray matter...............😞😉
  4. Aiaiai Sam, after reading Part 4 I am now so exhausted I don't think I can go to work.....😉 Keep it coming!👍
  5. Happy Birthday Dale. At the rate you pile up the miles, I had you down for half your count. 😉
  6. Hi Sam Thank you for sharing this with us. I'm going to tell you a true story about writing: Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the author of Life in the Times of Cholera, for which he got a Nobel Prize for literature, was absolutely horrible at spelling and grammar, even in his mother tongue, Spanish. He wrote in his autobiography that it should NEVER deter you from writing, because as long as you have something to say, a story to tell, something to share, there are editors for sorting it out. He also said that he wrote a weekly letter to his mother and that, long after he won the Nobel Prize, she still corrected his mistakes with a red pen and sent it back to him, but that it didn't help. Perhaps what I am trying to say is this: Your writing is fine, please don't let it deter you from sharing, because you DO have a story to tell! Looking out for the next chapter!
  7. LWB, I wish you all the best. I cannot imagine how tough the last few years must have been, but your attitude sounds brilliant and I'm sure you'll thrive.
  8. I wonder what the 2 bad-ass Badminton players doped with!😜
  9. Another fantastic Table Mountain ride with stupendous views and lots of wow factor, is Never Ending Story on the Camps Bay - Llundudno side. As scenic rides go, that one is hard to beat.
  10. The stretch from Constantia Neck to Newlands Forest is open and an glorious as it always was. How it is supposed to work is that if you don't have an activity card, then you must have a day pass to ride it, but there is no place at the start for you to buy a day pass as there is no access control. So, if you want to stay legal, you have to buy your ticket from the Tokai entrance, that is the closest place a few kilometres away. Having said that, absolutely NOBODY bothers, because it is an open access area where hikers and dogwalkers do the same, without any form of control.
  11. So cool Carrera 👍A gazillion miles ahead of my own skills😞
  12. Yes, the Rhodes Memorial to Deer Park stretch still closed after the fires. No timeline for reopening . Assuming many more months.
  13. Usually stiff links happen when the chain gets mangled during a bad shift or if it comes off and get damaged between the cassette and spokes, or between the crank and bb, but of course that cannot be the case here. So, my next guess will be rust. But why? It is not supposed to rust and you have lubed it. More questions than answers. Let me have my coffee first and try again.
  14. Very good place to start that!
  15. Yes, I do a somewhat modified version of the crate training in that I teach them home is wherever their traveling cage and /or their mattress is.
  16. My dogs are first and foremost pets, or perhaps I should say, they are part of the family. I have no problem with interaction with other dogs and people, in fact I encourage it because the more they get to know, the better socialized they are likely to be. That is important because they must comfortably travel and work in strange places and with all kind of distractions, strange dogs and people. The old approach to keep a working gundog in a kennel, or in an outside dog run, is very outdated and a notion we inherited from the British upper classes. In the past few decades the worlds top retriever field trial dogs were almost exclusively from owner / trainers who have them as pets as well as workers. That allows the owner / trainer to bond very strongly with the dog, and that, I believe, is what produces retrievers that will turn themselves inside out to work for you! Where I do keep my young dogs separate from other dogs and people is for a specific situation when I teach them a new command or a new movement. Then you don't want distractions and I find a quiet field somewhere for that. As soon as they have learnt the lesson I test them on a place like Rondebosch Common where there are lots of other dogs and people. When they can obey a command despite the distractions, I know that part of the training was successful, and I move on to the next step. Ok, sorry, the short answer is that, provided you get a puppy from a working background, where at least you know that it is likely to have a strong retrieving instinct, there is ZERO reason you cannot have a Labrador that will be your best bud, lick the chocolate off the faces of your kids, protect your wife and work as a retriever also. After having had Labs and worked with them for many years, my wife one day went along to watch us work. She'd never seen it before and she was AMAZED at seeing what her pet could do. She said it was as if it was a totally different dog to the one she knew at home. Somehow, they KNOW what they are meant to do, and you can see them come alive, mentally, when they work. Sorry, I couldn't stop......I should write a book..............
  17. I love how Freudian that is, dogfather indeed!😄
  18. Talking about dog food: I know people often recommend feeding raw dog food and I understand that it is the most natural way to do it. BUT, because I have Labradors, and they are notorious for gaining unwanted weight (some say they can get fat on the smell of food 😉), and then being very difficult to put on a diet, I have always believed in keeping them on a very strict diet and never allowing them to get fat. My dogs are working dogs and unfit and fat is not what I want. So, I find that a good quality dry pellet diet is just easier to measure and control. They get absulutely nothing else. No treats, no extra helpings, no left-overs, except on a work day, then they get a double scoop that evening.
  19. We found that Stella farted something terrible on Brand A and switched food until we found one that didn't make her fart the most foul of gasses.............yes, you guessed right............the most ridiculously expensive brand known to man!
  20. My honest opinion? If you want to load 2 bikes, get a hang off the back 3-bike carrier. For 3 bikes, get a 4-bike ride on rear carrier For more bikes, get a roof rack carrier or both roof top and towbar racks. Even a trailer top rack? The only time a hang off the back rack that can fit 3 bikes reasonably is when you carry three older style road bikes with easy to fit frame geometry. Mountain bikes and especially small kiddie bikes are nearly impossible to carry without damage.
  21. Nice to hear about your training Duane. I'm at an " interesting" stage with my training for Stella (Labrador). She is now 18 months and basically she knows all the commands I need to teach her (voice, whistle and hand signals). What makes it interesting now, is that she is in that terrible "teenager" stage where she has figured out that she can try and push her luck. She will hear the whistle, stop and look at me, clearly cocking her head and thinking "how long can I put this off before he does something?" If she is is a stubborn mood, then I get challenged all the time.........but luckily I know that I just have to wear her down and that she'll grow into adulthood when around 2 years old. The old guy who taught me about retriever training once said that to have a very smart dog is both a delight and a challenge, because they learn the right thing and the wrong thing equally quickly. True words.
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