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  1. If it will make you feel any better, the last time I needed to have the orthopedics put together a broken shoulder, my wife told me to Uber myself to theatre because she was too busy at work (also at a hospital). She did come and fetch me afterwards though, said she was worried I'd order an Uber to some weird place in a half drugged state! 😂So, I suppose she still loves me!👍
  2. @Slowbee Best of luck with the adventure! 🙂
  3. I'm going to borrow that from you every once in a while.............it is a GOOD put-down!😁
  4. False negatives are much more likely than false positives. If you test positive with the rapid test and you have no symptoms, then you re-test. Or you have a PCR test. Yes, it is possible to test positive for months after you had Covid, but again, it is pretty rare. Most will test negative shortly after their symptoms cleared up. But yes, I do get the problem of the uncertainty, especially if you are not from Cape Town and you have to lay out a sizable chunk of cash to get here.
  5. Yes, that is true, but one should add that the chances of a vaccinated person will contract it is MUCH lower and the chances that they will spread it also. At the end of the day it is a statistical game and to have a bunch of vaccinated people together will be very much lower risk of causing a super spreader than doing the same with a bunch of unvaccinated people. That holds true even if you do a rapid test for everyone, because there will be a significant percentage of false negatives (up to 20 %) which will allow asymptomatic spreaders into the group. Altogether, the larger a part of the group that is immune or have been vaccinated, the lower the risk.
  6. They have fixed up the Old Malmesbury Road (North of Philadelphia) so beautifully.
  7. Hey, Braai Day is just around the corner
  8. I fully expect the Cycle tour medics to keep records and perhaps even a follow up study to see how an event of this size influences the trajectory of the pandemic in Cape Town. We have to start somewhere and it makes sense that the academics use it as an opportunity to study what happens when we open it up for an outdoor event like this. Interesting times.
  9. But, ........ the CTCT isn't "strenuous exercise" .......... it's just a relaxed fun ride and totally flat ......... isn't it?😉
  10. Starting chutes will stretch from the Parade all the way back to the finish line in Green Point? 🤪😉
  11. This is going to be my year to prove that I can ride it with no training........🙂
  12. Lovely picture too Duane For what it's worth, short attention span is an issue with any bright young puppy. All you need to do is to keep your training sessions short and not too repetitive. Throw in variation and the odd surprise. If you try push it and make it too long too soon, then boredom becomes a problem ...... and that is much more difficult to fix. You want to always keep them interested and excited. Attention span will lengthen naturally as they mature. When? Some breeds sooner, others later. In Labradors (my experience) that only happens around 2 years of age, but in others as early as 18 months..
  13. Just put bikes on the roof................I've used EVERY other permutation, and on the roof is where they are by far the least likely to get damaged by mud, dust stones, hot exhaust etc, especially if you are adventurous and likely to drive bad roads. People are so worried they will drive into a parking garage with bikes on the roof, but that is such an unlikely thing if you have your brain engaged.
  14. The kind of ride that justifies that BIG shower you built so that you can get your bike in there at the same time.......😉
  15. Some Afrikaans writer, I forget who, said that Meiringspoort is the only thing from his childhood that turned out bigger and more impressive when he visited it again as an adult. Everything else looked smaller and more insignificant............but not Meiringspoort. He was right! (On an aside, I once flew through the Poort in a small plane. The madman pilot used it as a gateway to get through the mountains when the cloud cover was too high to get over. The most amazing roller coaster ride, but I'll never do it now that I understand the risk a bit better. Back then I wasn't even scared, just thought it was fun.)
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