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  1. The reasoning is that one should look at what is essential and what is not. Restrict the non-essentials to reduce the risk, but keep doing the essential. That was the approach from the start, even in the first severe lock-down. Our perception of essential may differ and lead to conflict, but in this instance I agree that social gatherings for school going kids are non-essential. Going to school is essential.
  2. Good question. But the answer is no, it increases the risk for everyone. The reason is that the more people there are out there who can get Covid, the larger the potential pool for the breeding of new mutations and new variants. People who have had Covid already and people who were vaccinated, may not be immune to a radically different new variant. How big an issue will this be? Another good question.
  3. At a government health facility definitely. I assume by government employees.
  4. For a short week that is only half done, it sure was a prickly one. Somewhat abstract Aloe. Lino mono print, black ink on white paper.
  5. I hope that scamsters like this won't affect the really good guys who arrange rides, rentals and tours and who have done a fantastic job for years. I know that they have had a hard time the past year with a lot of their business that dried up together with the tourist drought. There are a couple of longstanding Hubbers in that category. People who have been good, honest and brought great cycling fun to many of their clients. I won't name names here, because I don't even want their good names on a thread like this, but if you consider getting someone organize a ride for you in the Western Cape,
  6. Joh Dale. Last time you made the Bellville CBD look good, I thought that was a lucky shot, but now you did it with Kayamandi too! Can I please schedule a photo shoot with you, maybe you can even make me look good!?
  7. I am totally in agreement with you on this issue. A healthcare worker (or for that matter anyone who works intimately with people in a setting where close contact is essential to do your job) should voluntarily take the vaccine as part of the effort to make it as safe as possible for EVERYONE. If not, they should seriously consider moving to a position where they can avoid that close contact in their work. If they don't, and they put their patients, co-workers or clients at unnecessary risk, they should be held accountable because that is not ethically acceptable in my honest opinion. The safe
  8. People can be very strange in how they see things: I had a talk yesterday to a gentleman in his 60s about his thoughts on vaccination. He was scathing in his response and told me what a TOTAL shambles it is and that government is making a total MESS of it and that they will NEVER get ANYTHING right other than STEALING! So, I asked whether he will get the vaccine? Yes, he said, he already got his shot and proceeded to tell me how easy it was to register, but how they then ignored him for 2 weeks before telling him to go to LENTEGEUR for his shot. LENTEGEUR in the boondocks of Cape To
  9. I dislike and disbelieve politicians as a matter of principle, but with this I have to agree because I can see it for myself all around me. And yes, I know it is not a peer reviewed scientific study, just common sense observation of how few of my fellow healthcare workers are falling ill or testing positive this time around compared to waves 1 and 2. But yes, it is still early in wave 3, so let's proceed with optimistic caution. The quote below is from last nights speech. “At a similar point in the rise of the second wave of infections in early December last year, there were 640 healthcar
  10. Chris, it spreads exactly at the speed that stupid inconsiderate selfish people can move around.😞
  11. From the Oudtshoorn side I find it more of a bitch. It is steeper and it gets steeper the higher you go. You start easy enough, then when your legs get tired, it gets steep, when your legs are really screaming, then it gets REALLY steep. It also makes you think once or twice that the Top is just around the next bend......and then there is another bend....and another one. The only way for me is to just pace myself and grind it slowly and as steadily as possible. I've never measured it, but the Oudtshoorn side is shorter than the Prince Albert side. But just to be clear, I'm not moaning, I LOVE
  12. Not about the Polio vaccine, but the story behind the first and possibly the most important vaccine to date, the Smallpox vaccine. When the guy who did the first recorded vaccination, at around 1800, did it, times were sure different. He was an Englishmanby the name of Dr Edward Jenner and he noticed that people who worked with cows and who had cowpox, never got sick from Smallpox. Now, Cowpox was a mild disease, but Smallpox was deadly and killed many millions at the time. So, he asked his gardener whether he could inoculate his young son with Cowpox. The gardener agreed and they i
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