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Cube 120 AMS 29 RACE


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I am in the market for a dual suspension, I like the feel and look of this bike




does anyone have one and what are your thoughts, I have not seen many,



Cost around R 32000-00, :wacko:


Is this reasonable for what i am getting,


Any thoughts and suggestions welcome!!



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The workmanship on the Cubes is excellent. I have ridden their carbon ht 29er and it was awesome. They have their geometry sorted. A friend has the 26er version of that AMS and it is great. Nice to have something different as opposed to all the Scotts and Giants out there. The local agents Darryl and Paul are good guys.

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I have the AMS Pro 100 (26er) and absolutely love it. No issues (had it for close on 3 years) - really comfortable,fast and tough.

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I am currenlty riding the AMS 29er Race and loving it.

On my third Cube bike now and everyone has been brilliant. The geometry and handling is the best I have experienced in any 29er.


Looking forward to picking up my first Cube road bike soon.

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Now and then they have a "demo day" at Complete Cyclist in Randburg.

My hard earned is waiting for the next one, also got my eye on a Cube...

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Thanks for thr replies, CAAD4 the fulcrum 29er wheelset I bought from you :clap: still going strong , taken sum serious punishment but those things seem bullet-proof.


My one concern is pricing, and the other is that I am not such a huge Sram fan.


My other option will be Giant, Scott and I suppose Spez.

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Glad you are enjoying them. Now that I am on my third 29er, I wish I had kept them as a spare set. They were a bargain..

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