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Legality regarding trail building in public space

David Greyling

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Good day all


I was wondering whether anyone was aware of legal requirements regarding building of trails/ jump lines etc on public land?


The reason I ask is that there are a few spots (e.g. the patch of land off republic between witkoppen and Jan smuts, a few of the alleyways where electricity pylons cross the spruit, etc) that would be a great place to add a few berms and jumps. I'm guessing the fact that they aren't there means there must be some barrier as I'm sure someone would have built something by now.


Further, I recall the see-saws on the spruit being removed because of an injury, was this related to legal transgressions or just general opinion on it?


I just bought my first decent travel bike and the idea of helping out designing or building some trails appeals to me.


Let me know your thoughts, opinions etc. I know there are already a bunch of trails to ride, but aren't bike trails like runs in cricket, more = better?

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More is better, but as a rehash on what has been said before (in other threads), you should have the buy-in from the people in charge of the land.


If a case for an injury is taken further, it will end up in the landowners lap (in this case the electricity provider, unless they are leasing the land, in which case council) and this, you'll find is the biggest reason why jumps in public space are broken down. No indemnity or control over who rides there.. unapproved trails also have a habit of transforming overnight. LAst thing you want is leaving a stunt in a safe manageable state and arriving the next day to find it has been adjusted for Ken Block and his fans..


Build trails with berms, leave the jumps for a person or place willing to accept the risk.

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