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Avalanche 29r Knobby Tyres


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My bike came with Maxxis Aspens and they lasted pretty well for the first 4000km. Had a Crossmark at the rear for a while but it did not last.

So the day before Karoo2Coast I decided that I need a fresh set of tyres and to my amazement the cheapest ones available were R95 each! Brilliant deal so I bought 4 of them, two of which I fitted on the bike and off I went to Uniondale.

The Good :
They are really cheap.
Grip is very good on gravel.

The Bad :
They don't last very long.
Not as grippy in the mud.

After 500km this is what they now look like. I am a bit tail happy which is why the rear looks like a slick :-)



Verdict : If you need knobby tyres on a budget these will do... for a while.

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They sound more expensive in the long run and most likely also just come in smaller volume casings?

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Never had a puncture with them, but its only been a month and a bit since I got them so there has been little chance for them to get punctured. You do get what you pay for and at the price I would not call them bad.

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Nee dude, dis seker van die k@kste tyres ooit. As mens dit elke maand moet vervang dan is dit R1140 per tyre per jaar. Die Ikon is R550 per jaar.

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They wear down like that in 500km??? WTF....eek.gif eek.gif That means a replacement set every 2-3 weeks. Not a chance. Thats the most expensive tyre out there. My Contis or Maxxis last well over 3000km. To top it off they must weigh a ton too..... eish.....no thanks.excl.png

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Nice, no way you will turn those into slicks anytime soon.


Ek het gedink om slicks te koop vir padry, maar nou kan ek sommer knobbies koop en jy kan dit vit my slicks maak?

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Hoe lyk die agterwiel?


Op die agterwiel gebruik ek `n Ritchey Shield. Ek beplan nou om die 3de een op te sit en die 1ste 1 was opgesit saam met die Ikon 1 jaar terug.

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A good year and a bit of riding on this Ardent 2.25" LUST tyre ... yes this is the rear wheel.



The Front tyre still looks very good!


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