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  1. It does have quite a bit of Never Ending Story flair, doesn't it? Although that's 80s.
  2. Andre at Tool-Up Cycles in Centurion is also good.
  3. The chorus reminds me a bit of this song https://soundcloud.com/bearmountain/01-two-step?in=pbenke/sets/where-the-trail-ends
  4. Drivetrain wise, the Fuji has the best spec of the three with the Scott coming in last.
  5. I'm sure the guys at Tool-Up can help you out. I'm not sure on prices or stock availability but I have seen them do wheel builds with the rims you've mentioned.
  6. You don't need to be too picky when it comes to beef and lamb in terms of grass fed or not. They are ruminants, and therefore the feed they eat (thanks to sophisticated digestive systems,) does not affect the quality of their meat and fat the way it does chickens and swine.
  7. That would be Rosetta, a little pricey though at R80-100 per 250g. http://rosettaroastery.com/coffees.html
  8. You guys did a horrible job to accommodate the mtb group, I was bleeding from my eyes.
  9. I think it was said that certain cameras get switched off at a certain time to "save storage space".
  10. Did you hear that one woman? "Please let it land on a taxi."
  11. Sorry Sir, only read this now. Unfortunately not this year. Good luck tomorrow.
  12. I have one that I can give you for free and I'm just around the corner from you.
  13. Someone either had a thing for wine or boobs.
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