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SRAM chainring replacement


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So after my first big fall a month ago I didn't ride much. Inspected my bike initially and everything seemed fine, however out on a ride in tokai about halfway up my chain started rubbing up against the front derailer, then eventually in was stuck between gears on the front. I thought it might just need to be adjusted, but upon further inspection, i see that the middle ring is warped.

So it's a moment al129 with SRAM components, more specifically a SRAM E400 44/32/22T(i have no idea what that means:)

Before I take it in for a service and inevitably have to replace it I'd thought I'd ask a few qs about it like roughly how much it costs what other rings are out there, compatibility, and I would probably need to replace the chain too?

I'm not into saving weight so no need for me to go crazy on that front, just trying to learn a bit more since this is the first time I'm getting into the nitty gritty of mtb, this is my first proper bike after all.

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I managed to damage my middle ring on a Momsen AL329, same truvativ 33T chainring. was quoted R310 for a replacement. Tried straightening it but just bend somewhere else, chain keeps jumping off the inside.

Will be buying a 1x10 specific chainring though.

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. Sorry about the deleted reply, had a link to one but the link was broken minutes after posting.

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Thanx for the suggestions guys. Just some more info please.

I assume the 44/32/22 refer to the number of teeth?

Is it a case of I only need to replace the one that is warped or its better to replace all?

What makes the big difference in price with these things, is the more expensive ones better quality and what does that mean i.e. more durably + lighter??? or is it just a name brand thing.

Are there compatability issues so I HAVE to only by SRam?


Thanx again

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I think the standard Truvativ rings are more than good enough.

The number does refer to the number of teeth and I'm sure just replacing the damaged ring will be fine.

I managed to scavange the middle ring off of my wife's bike to tide me over till the end of the month and it's perfect so i'm sure you would have to fall off the edge of the mountain to damage the crank arms as well as the ring.

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