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  1. I suggested more to keep track of mileage done on a ride. Using your phone it would track via GPS. It could even be used to log total mileage if there is maintenance linked to distance or hours.
  2. Agreed, although nothing Hairy has mentioned really has safety implications. Perhaps the numberplate light..
  3. Makes sense now. Also explains why my brother-in-law had no luck when his car had a catastrophic clutch failure within a month of purchase. They pursued a claim but got nowhere with it.
  4. Most of these dealers turn over their stock so quickly I don't see how they can go over it thoroughly. I was looking at bikes on WeBuyCars, they have a Dekra report but it is so generic and cut and paste, it is actually pretty useless!!!
  5. Most bikes fall, its always how hard and then how well was it repaired. One good thing is that Harley isn't referred to as "pig iron" for nothing. They are solid. A lot of what you are mentioning sounds like ***-handed mechanic work, perhaps a previous owner who thought the knew what he was doing but didn't. Like removing the belt cover for that authentic OCC look, but then stripped the bolt so ended up cutting it off, for example.
  6. Agreed, if you do not come right with them I would look for a different shop going forward regardless. I mean some of the rookie errors is shocking really. I do recall saying that I believed the bike was in a prang, something about impact from the front wheel/mudgaurd against the radiator if memory serves. Not the best at using the search function though......
  7. A lot of people seem to find it unfair that Sorge did 2 solid runs for Semenuk's 1. I do think the scoring and outcome was fair, not pre-determined. I do think that Semenuk built a very manicured, slope-style type of line and should have been penalized for it. But then again it wasn't like it was smaller in scale and he did it on a single crown which means he needed more technical skill and finesse. I see TVS reckons he will make a full recovery. Not sure if he will be back. The progression in the event is insane!!!! Bikes have come on a ton yes but I wonder if those "pioneers" ever though the features would get as big as they are, or if the tricks would be added. Seems they were happy just to make it top to bottom. I mean Kyle's suicide no handers look pretty average these days but were monumental in those first events.
  8. Definitely a market for it outside of SA. If you just look at the volume of bikes being exported, its sad but people are making their money. R200k Banshee's being built in SA for the UK market. Guys buy the bike and have it modded here, in Bloem nogal, then ship it over. Convert it to pounds and it is a steal for them. I would explore the options. Look around at a few international auction sites to get a feel for the market, iconicbikes, etc......
  9. Wonder if he will ride after yesterday HUGE crash. Believe he has injured his shoulder.....
  10. Never even thought of that actually. Does that give him an unfair advantage, or would it mean he is making it more of a slopestyle type of run which would see him score lower? Will be interesting for sure, especially if he can do the big tricks on big features......
  11. This will be a tight race I reckon. Cannot wait.....
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