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  1. Hi all, I have a 516,60NZD gift card with Farmers that I need to sell on. Anybody who may be interested or able to assist in getting it sold on please, it would be appreciated if you could PM me to discuss. How I ended up with it is a long story, but it is valid for another 18 months and can be used as a debit card so does not require a single transaction when spending. Should be good at any Farmers store countrywide. Thanks.
  2. Imagine 5 weeks like the MotoGP currently...........
  3. Because Twitter has no interest in stemming division and racial tension, it promotes it, mostly, allegedly.......
  4. Unfortunately, sometimes when a bargain is to be had people just don't care where it comes from. Like the motor vehicle industry, everyone bemoans hijackings but when you find that cheap headlight, seat, etc. that you need on FB Marketplace, do you really interrogate where it came from?
  5. I should have updated, money was in 2 days later. Very surprised. No audit!!!
  6. For a minute there I was wondering "Baku, sprint race, huh...." Should've added vegan and it would have been easier to catch.............
  7. I am not expecting any excitement from the sprint race, will be a bit of a procession. Will be happy if proven wrong but looking at the sprint races in WSBK, they are too short to be meaningful. Like an extended qualifying session of sorts.
  8. The end of men by Christina Sweeney Baird is a haunting book given our current "plague" situation. Scary to think of how much worse it could have been..........
  9. I have not been online in a while, covid related sabbatical of sorts. Still holding onto the fact that God is good and nothing he does is without a reason. The time you get with Reinet, the sterling example of what a fighter looks like for us. These are not trivial matters. Keep up the good work. We are all behind you.
  10. Ai Cois, not good news but still not insurmountable. I think Covid has had a profound impact on what they would deem "elective" procedures. Keep us updated, keep up the fight!!!
  11. So for the first year in many I am not being audited it seems, but payment looks to be set for 08 August 2021. Wonder why so long??
  12. Yeah roofing and air conditioning is very seasonal in Gauteng too.
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