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  1. Freudian slip of note, immigration would be a solution of course...... @V18I think the non-lethal route is an option but you would have the same delay as a lethal weapon. But in attempting to use it you would escalate. A frame mounted device would help but you would then too be exposed. Tough one, glad I have never been in that position before and pray I never will be.
  2. Hoping to get a bike again in the next few months, then I can contribute to this pic sharing @Hairy
  3. Sorry Hairy, seems you like this but for me it just shows there are still a lot of people with more money than taste........
  4. The rands value dropping like a stone and, even though a state of disaster has been called with a new "Minister of Electricity", nothing is seemingly being done about it. Nothing meaningful at the very least.
  5. Yeah it is amazing, almost like Stockholm Syndrome, how it becomes normal. the loadshedding routine gets ingrained, constantly turning things off, stressing about the next stage coming. That 55min warning from Eskom se push induces panic!! Sounds like SA and we have been having quite a bit of rain and flooding ourselves. Obviously not nearly as bad as that side.
  6. Thats a really nice watch, I don't even want to know what it costs!!!!
  7. Not a fan of the pipe but it is generally the first thing to go, often before delivery is even taken.
  8. I passed out on my Tiger 800. It was not a hinderance but I have many years of riding behind me and in the practices I could see it was not an issue. A smaller bike just removes any doubt.
  9. Excuse my crude Paint skillz, thankfully they don't pay the billz...... This is next best IMO. Drop point. The straight line on the top would be broken, so a longer gradual drop would work best but looks pretty cool I think. That's a nice knife, can keep the knife sheathed on your belt for a proper Sons of Anarchy HD look.
  10. Hey man, drop me a PM and I can share the contact for a lady who helped my wife. I taught her to ride, which you obviously can, the lady gave her like 2 or 3 lessons. She then provides the bike to pass out on and obviously is able to help grease the wheels to get things going a bit smoother. She is based in Kempton Park.
  11. It is not my favourite style, but I have a tanto EDC and it is useful. That could work for this knife's reprofiling.
  12. @patches, that second pic would make nice decals for a motorcycle/car vinyl though. Wouldn't mind a .pdf copy of it if you don't mind sharing.
  13. Great choice of a final pic, because their space saving exercise ended well......... But well done, looks like a solid solution and WAY more practical.
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