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Bearing "balls" & Lockring remover (SUNWAY)

Cuppa Bru

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Busy with practice dismantle & rebuild of an old 6 speed Raleigh (purple and silver :D ).

Good learning experience and fun with new toolkit and diesel, but I lost a steel bearing.

Do bearing shops sell the steel bearing balls "loose"?


I couldn't remove the cassette as the spline profile for my Shimano lockring remover was ever so slightly too big for the SUNWAY cassette nut. Tried filing down my lockring remover splines, but gave up after 15 minutes and little progress.

Do I continue filing down the splines or is there a slightly smaller tool I can buy?

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Your local LBS should have a cage of the bearings for about R5.


As too the sunway cassette remover.. You might find one.. But good luck with that hunt..it'll be like finding a unicorn

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Went to Johnson Cycle Works.

They couldn't open the freewheel for me, but were kind enough to remove the cluster for me (gave the mechanic R5 for his troubles).


The shop rates that the low quality ones are such bad quality anyhow that it's risky to open them.

Replacement cluster costs only R110, but I cleaned the old one in diesel and petrol.

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  • 1 month later...

Silverton Cycles helped me with a replacement steel bearing.



Now to find the lost screw that mounts the RD to the frame: FML :D

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We weighed some old bikes the other day - man, a 6-speed Raleigh outweighed everything else by a long shot! I think the "racing bike" came in at around 15kg. That'll be good training for ya.

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