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Strava over reading?


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I have been using Endomondo for a while and my Polar RCX5.

A mate told me to try Strava which i loaded onto my S3. Strava appears to over read by about 5% compared to the other two.


This week i started both Endo and strava on the phone at the same time and it recorded 34.47km on Endo and 36.0Km on Strava.


Is there a setting needs changing or is this why Strava is so Liked? :whistling:

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I've exported my Endomondo .gpx files to Strava and found the distances recorded to be slightly different. I think Strava and Endo uses different algorithms to translate GPS data into distance and speed.


Their elevation results differ vastly, with Strava more accurate.

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I find Endo figures to be less than my Cycle computer and the race organisers by about 2 km on an average 45 km race.


Might just be the blackberry GPS is not 100% good - my wife's S4 when we walk together looses signal and also zig zags the tracks all over the show - might be more a phone related issue than the app itself.

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The summary of my Saturday morning ride - uploaded from my device to Endomondo, Strava and Garmin Connect.


Major discrepencies found - (Endomondo / Strava / Garmin):

  • Calories - 2925 / 1604 / no-data on Garmin
  • Total Ascent - 512 / 316 / 420

I wouldn't really be too concerned with the Calories.

Garmin had elevation correction ON, which seems to be close to the average of between Endomondo and Strava.









Garmin Connect


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220 - 40 = 180, so 187 is not so bad.

There's a better way to calculate it using Resting HR and some other stuff.


That max HR was me trying to bridge the gap two tandems had opened up, on a descent into a headwind.

Didn't succeed, but managed to keep the gap fairly consistent over the next 12Km.

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