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  1. Stunning specials on Takealot a.t.m.
  2. Just bought a Garmin Instinct Solar for my son. Takealot bargain!! Far superior solar charging capability (better than F6 solar), but lacks the high end features of the F6 models. Still a really nice piece of kit for my cycling purposes. Same Pulse Ox sensor as the F6 - I get values between 93 and 98, I still have the F735XT - very poor battery life for longer events. I recon the Instinct will do pretty well in sunny conditions.
  3. My wife was nearly pulled into on of these a while back. (She is in the medical field). I will steer clear....
  4. Ha, ha, ha. Love my coffee, but after following the coffee thread, I see the coffee club is even worse than the Velominati or the wine lovers (which I belong to too). The principle is the same though - spending money on nice stuff that one cannot justify through logic (not even using marginal gains logic). My Swatch is just as functional as my Aquaracer as functional as that Seamaster I have my eye on!!!
  5. I've not read all the replies & banter. Will do so later. How do you justify this. Simple, the same way you justify a Ferrari..... Audemars...R250k Spez or similar.... R7k coffee grinder...., 7 star hotel stay.... Super Yacht...... Penthouse apartment in Monaco.... I can go on and on... Emotion, and lotsa cash!!!!
  6. I think Bikeradar has a good article on this. (Your hard days are too easy and you easy days are too hard). Also read stuff on sweet spot training....
  7. I ignore what the Garmin says and rather listen to my body. Plus a bit of logic. At my age it will be silly to do 4-5 super hard days in succession. But I know I can do a block of 3 fairly hard days, have a rest day and feel super on day 5.
  8. Mmm... I must say, I've bought a number of pairs of cycling shoes from Bedfordview over the years and Neal is very helpful. Most of it starts with a F2F conversation. They always delivered to my expectation.
  9. I thought changing grinding coarseness and extracting longer will be very much against the Coffee Illuminati's rules?
  10. I see some nice Stainless Steel filter systems for the AP, so no need for filter papers. Good idea or gimmick? I think the St St aperture size will certainly be larger than the paper, so a more turbid coffee result?
  11. The AreopressGo is talking to me for a birthday pressie. Nice and neat. Just seems small to fill a mug to the required volume.
  12. We are all equal.....BTW there was only 2 as far as I know.
  13. Certainly one of the fastest ex Maties too. Perhaps Willie was faster. Wimpie will say he was faster.... Perhaps I'm the 2nd fastest ex Maties & Chem Eng combo?
  14. Neutral colour, neutral brand!!! A Scott helmet on a Spez bike is just not cool. Hence me also sticking to Bell most of the time. Or Giro...
  15. Me too. Been eyeing a few Seamaster options for my son!!!
  16. Agree. my wife has the FR30 (the predecessor to the 35) and it is perfect for runs, walks, rides...
  17. Ah. I thought as much So the quality and type of clothing, technical support, etc, etc, etc, should the be specified and costed by the Federation, and then funded by SACOC. Should be pretty simple to ensure excellence across the board, but then.....
  18. Who's doing the funding for the Olympics? SASCOC or the individual federations? Or a bit of both?
  19. I battled through engineering maths!!! Very much a philosophy for me too... Anna is the next superhero!!!
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