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Advice needed for Roadie newbie...


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Hi everyone!


I need the advice of the experts on the hub. I am actually mainly a mtb'er, but I want a decent road bike I can use for road races (Argus, Burger, One tonner) and also to do training for and do tri-athlons, and to also supplement my mtb training.


I have been going through the archives on the hub, but have not been able to find the exact info I need.


My budget is max R10k. I am 1.82m tall and would probably need a 56cm frame.


I would prefer to get a carbon bike, if it is in the price range.


I have seen a couple of deals as follows:

  • Giant TCR 0 (2007) Full Ultegra, Shimano wheels, Dura ace shifters, carbon cranks (R10k)
  • Giant TCR Once (2003?). Full Campo Record, Mavic Ksyrium wheels. Carbon cranks (R12k)
  • Solis Umbra Full Carbon (2010). Full Ultegra. Shimano wheels. Carbon cranks (R8k)

I have also gone to see Avron at Cycle Traders.


Your advice is much appreciated!

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Hahaha! Thanks!


Have since spoken to a friend and I have amended my expectations to a much simpler spec...as it will be a very distant second bike.


So now looking at aluminium, shimano 105, carbon fork. Hopefully can get something for around R5k?

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Of the 3 listed, the Giant TCR 0 is your best bet (depending on the condition). The TCR Once is way too old and over priced. The Solis can't be a 2010 model because they disappeared off the market in 2008 or so.

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That's what I've just got myself, and am very happy :thumbup:

I started with the Race Lite 904 but then the bug bit and I have now upgraded to a Scultura Evo DA. Managed to find an old-stock 2012 at a killer price. Yummmmmm!
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1. The Giant TCR 0 will be a super ride if it is in great nick. R10gr is about the going rate for it with those components. What Shimano wheels? They can vary a lot from heavy entry level to top of the range wonders.


2. The best bang for your buck will be the top aluminium frame road bikes. Look for Cannondale Caad. It has a very light and super fast aluminium frame and you can get a good one between R5 and 10gr with great components and wheels. They also last well and give a great ride.


3. Shimano 105 and Ultegra components will work just fine. Campy Centaur and Chorus will do the same. Shimano 105 will probably give you the best value for money.


4. The better the wheels you get, the better the deal. Rather take a bike with mid range components and top wheels, as apposed to top components and lower end wheels.


5. If you really want to go for style, look for older Pinarello, Bianchi and Colnago aluminium frame bikes. they are well made and will still be race horses compared to some newer mules. Again, R5 to 10gr will get you a good one. Also, you won't lose money when you sell these a few years later.


6. Your guess for size sounds spot on.


Now I've just confused you, sorry, enjoy the hunt!

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Thanks guys!


I have also come accross the following bike:

Giant TCR Alliance (carbon/allu mix) - 2011, 105 groupset, Alx EXA 600 wheels with hubs on. New Continental Gatorskin tyres. Size 56cm. Asking price is R10k (neg)



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So there is a Giant TCR that looks promising. It is a 56cm. I am 6ft/1.82m tall. So, being new to road don't know it it will be a perfect fit...will have to see I guess!

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One piece of advice I learnt quickly when riding a road bike is watch where your feet are when turning, your toes tend to catch the front wheel, otherwise you may come a cropper.

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Hi guys! Thanks for the help. Finally got a bike and it is a beauty!


2010 Giant TCR Alliance, 105 groupset, only 3000km on the odo. Looks like it came out of the shop last week. No scratches - immaculate!

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