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  1. I have Alex on my MTB and A Class on my road bike and neither have given an inch of trouble. They keep running.
  2. I have to ask this question. If you want the bike for commuting and light off road, is it necessary to spend R20k?
  3. Longbarn Killer


    Have a look at the group set parts. The name will be on it.
  4. Any square taper crank should fit your bottom bracket. The problem is that the "high end" cranks that fit square taper will be old and difficult to come by. If you are wanting new, your option would an entry level crank, which puts you in the same position. Another option is to replace the bb too, which may increase your options, but there is a plethora of different standards out there, most of would probably won't fit your frame. It's better to take it to a bike shop for their opinion.
  5. Went through a similar exercise looking for a bike for my son. Sadly, R7k does not get you much. Bike prices have simply sky rocketed of late. I was fortunate enough to have picked up a really well looked after second hand bike for R5 500. They are there, but you have to find them. I agree with you, new is a better option for people new to the sport. The bike shop will make sure they are set up and of course you get a warranty. For your budget, value for money is your primary concern. Brands that offer this are Titan (probably the best at the moment), Silverback, Merida and Axis. Many people won't agree with me, but Avalanche also has some good value propositions.
  6. Quite a number of years ago I bought a cheap indoor trainer from Makro for R299. With some rust and chrome peeling at some points, I sold it recently for R200 to a lady really keen to do some indoor training for Ironman. Within a few days I saw the lady advertising it on Facebook for R300. Now, that same trainer has popped up again on Facebook for R750. Maybe I did myself in.
  7. Thanks....I think I am going to take it to a bike shop to check. My daughter is off to varsity in 2 weeks and she needs her bike to be reliable.
  8. I've never bled brakes before, probably my best bet is to leave it to the pros.
  9. I was wondering about letting out some fluid, but I would imagine the trick would be not to allow in any air.
  10. It was used. Not sure of the age, but it has worked perfectly until now.
  11. I'm no expert, but I do have a reasonable knowledge of bike repairs, but this is something I have never experienced. A few months ago, I replaced the cable discs on my daughter's bike with Avid Elixir hydraulic. Twice, she has been out on a ride and the brakes seize up. The brakes clamp on to the discs and hold the wheels solid. It happens to front and back at more or less the same time. Once we get home, we put the bike in the garage and a few minutes later they are free again. Both times that this has happened, it has been an exceptionally hot day. Could it be that the heat causes the hydraulic fluid to expand and once in the cooler garage it contracts again? I have no idea what fluid is in the brakes. Surely brake fluid shouldn't expand in the heat? Is it possible there is some other crazy fluid in the brakes? Any other ideas on what it can be and what I can do to fix it?
  12. If this is an out of the ordinary Covid based scenario, perhaps this should be discussed with your employer and some compromise reached. I doubt you will find any of these in labour law because working hours etc are usually some form of negotiation between employer and employee. If you are incurring costs because of your new working arrangements, again, best is to discuss with your employer some form of cost recovery.
  13. Also not a Hamilton fan, but somehow, no matter what happens, he always seems to pull it off. Sometimes I think he must be the luckiest guy on the grid, other times I think he has the uncanny ability to make his own luck. Although not a fan, I have a lot of respect for his achievements. He is definitely one of the greats.
  14. Love these bodies. I knew a guy that had a vacuum forming business. He took a photo of the real car from a motoring magazine, made his own clay mould and started making these bodies long before Tamiya did (then again Tamiya probably had to wait for licence agreements etc).
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