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Bryton Rider 40 - Deleting files from My workout


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Hi Guys


Does anyone that has a Rider 40 please explain to me how you delete a file from the 'My Workout' folder on the device?


If i go to the 'to plan' function and select a workout it saves to the 'my workout' folder, but then i can not find a way to delete them from there. Checked it on the web when you connect the device but nothing.



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Hi. The My Workout Option is a saved workout to your Specifications. So If you do Certain Types on workouts frequently, like a time based 45min workout, or a calorie based workout, or an interval workout, etc. The actual recorded activity you did under that workout profile is saved under History. This is uploaded to brytonsport.com, or saved to your PC when you want. So in short, if you are looking for the workout file that you have completed, that you want to download or upload, go to "History", and if you want to save a specific workout that you do a lot, then you save it as a profile in "My workouts"

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