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  1. Lekker Louis...this is what we wanted...tough task when the peloton rides in together on a 10% gradient.
  2. Sorry, I didn't know only positive opinions mattered.
  3. Not a fan of Pidcock Also, could you please use normal caps for the thread heading...its hurting my eyes.
  4. The no.1 post is still how to clean your chain by Johan.
  5. Fingers crossed for Chris, Floid Landis, Froome. https://twitter.com/jumbovismaroad/status/1000105610489286662?s=21
  6. My apologies to Louis. I just didnt see him x the line. I wish I could be the guy running on a mountain next to him, shouting at him to attack.
  7. Think he and Meintjes share a late that was off. Well I hope so.
  8. the lightweights dont do it for me....😈
  9. Sounds like he has a below avg 5min profile 😃
  10. Well clearly she is on good form as she was in the running at race to the sun as well.
  11. it will be silly to overlook chinese bikes/wheels thats uci registered...they also dipping into the powermeter market.
  12. you wont find a nicer bloke than the one in a landy...pre 2016 models that is.
  13. The ban is there to punish the convict...no salary for 2 or 4 years! Coming back after that must be hell of a difficult...you must have thick skin, because everyone suspects you are back on the needle. People push the boundaries @ work, relationships, traffic rules etc. Once you are above "re"approach, you wont be from this world anymore. Edit: spelling
  14. Seems the whole peloton likes the guy...me too
  15. Jakkals.


    now you made me log in...and I have a mountain to finish
  16. Can the lines on the road be "the finish"? The paint on the road just that. paint.
  17. Aru also road cx early in the season, didnt seem to help.
  18. I was impressed with Tiagra 10spd, function and feel(its been two years and not a missed shift, even with the 9spd RD)...previously had 9spd tiagra from 2004.
  19. Wow what a climb...I miss the days where Andy and Contador went on the attack with 6km to go.
  20. you know that you get a tax rebate for employing a previous convicted felon?
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