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  1. Eks in B…. En uiteindelik is daar weer specials op “The Hub”
  2. I think you are making a mistake...many reasons to own both
  3. sorry for high jacking your thread Brett...I need some advice re the fork...not sure if it is a pursuit frame, does look like one with the very steep head tube. The fork is not original, unfortunately,
  4. Reminds me of the oprah meme, you have a evo...you have a evo...we all have evo's 😂 Jokes, well done, its very pretty. I'm jealous.
  5. I'd probably offer R14,500 but for today only.
  6. I think it is easy...its still a toy.
  7. Siende nou dat @fanievb brag oor sy kopie, kan ek ook seker maar
  8. Have you done any home work on this? Or is it more convenient to ask? Idk but all these threads ring similar, or I’m just getting older and grumpier 😬
  9. Bikehub isnt a 1/10th of the good old TheHub unfortunately by reading all recent posts.
  10. As Eugene has mentioned. This bike is reasonably priced. you’d also battle to find a frame for R10k thats reasonable.
  11. I still see dealers selling second hand stuff, stripped of completebikes for crazy prices.
  12. who does this...I'm baffled.
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