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  1. nice attack by Candice...trying to close the gap
  2. I dont know...it doesnt seem that africas team can get the best out of the riders..maybe we should let this dream go
  3. he was already turning the pedals here.
  4. well done everyone...next time
  5. No he was virtually second...on the podium(virtually on the podium)
  6. Wout is from Belgium.
  7. Kyk net al daai fietse op Vlasov se kar 😡 well done Louis!! Thanks for a great tour.
  8. Kan hulle asb net vi Louis n bottel gee!
  9. looks like a bit of a head wind on the way down
  10. There goes his helpers
  11. but want to blame the campag chain when it goes pop.
  12. they'll tell you its the bikes and tires that are better 🤫
  13. Kom Louis!!! Byt vas!
  14. Pop goes the open side flank
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