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94.7 Race time vs Training time


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Thought this might be interesting, as well as serve as a training guideline for next year. What was your 94.7 Cycle Challenge 2013 time vs your time in the saddle the 30 days leading up to the event?


My race time 03:29

Time in saddle 08:01 - Including the 55km mountain bike race (thanks to FitTrack)


Definitely room for improvement from my side.

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Good one,


Race time 04:12

Time in saddle about 9 hours over the past 30 days, half of which was commuting.

Should add, time in saddle over the past 180 days is also about 9 hours. :wacko:



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Race time: 02:52


Training time: 15:30 10:13

4 Saturday rides, 3 Saturday morning road rides + CCMTB 55Km

[edit] my last 30 days, not last 6 weeks [edit]

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Road - race time 03:59:33

Mtb 55km - Race time 04:53:03 (50 minute delay standing in queue for single track)


Training from 01-Aug up to race day: 23 hours worth of spinning sessions and 10km on the mtb...lol :whistling:


Next year I will make an effort to train properly.

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