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pins and needles - pinched nerve?


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Before I give details or get told to go the doctor, I have made a doctors appointment for later today, but I am curious to know if anyone has experienced the same thing. I did a really long 10k pool swim last week sat, double my longest previous distance. I had no real pain after the swim and my shoulders were pretty good. Even until today, a week later, there is no real pain.


BUT, since the swim, if I tilt my neck forward then I get pins and needles around my neck area and down my arms to my hands. Only lasts a couple of seconds and there is no pain at all. Just the strange feeling. I can’t recall hurting myself in the last week either so I am thinking it may have been the swimming. I’ve been told by a biokinetist that it’s probably a pinched nerve some were. My shoulder muscles are very stiff at the moment and could do with a massage. But has anyone ever had the same feeling or experienced the same thing perhaps

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not on the swim but then again i do not do the same distances and top out in training at about 3 km.i have pins and needles in my left hand currently with a marked drop in pincher power between thumb and the next finger.ist is to such a degree that i cannot shift properly on the mtb lately.going to a dr as well.physio also said pinched nerve somewhere.i guess it is from all the spinning classes of late.i hope you get sorted because it is irritating and even worse not knowing what it is.good luck.

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