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Normal fork on Cannondale frame


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Yes yes i know its wrong but funds for a lefty are a bit nowhere.


Now my question is what fork fits a scalpel 26er frame.

Tapered or straight.


Can get a fork at a REALLY good price



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Any 26" fork will fit.... provided you get the right headset. (1 1/18" straight, 1.5" straight, or tapered)


The Cannondale's that come with non-lefty forks tend to have 1.5" straight steerers though.


EDIT: I think you might need to delete that last line in your signature :ph34r:

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The headset can be an issue if the frame is 'lefty specific', there is a specific adapter required ......... Struggled with the same thing when I did my F29 with a rigid fork. I managed to get adapters that allowed the use of a non tapered steerer fork.


Not sure if they are also available for tapered forks.

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I think this is what you need




Where do I acquire one of those Patches?

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