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MTB shoes


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Maybe just a new-year itch... but I'm looking at some new MTB shoes.


Currently riding Spez Comp MTB's. Very nice shoes. Buckles don't like the odd crash, but still working... sort-of (yes, replacement pair in stock!)


Logical choice would be to replace with the same. But who likes logical anyways?! :whistling:


And... I've heard (and read) that the BOA closure system is awesome... while it lasts. Which is apparently not very long. (I know somebody who had to replace his 3 times in 4 months last time we spoke - and that on the S-Works shoes!) And it seems big S is adamant that this is the closure system to use - and has trckled it down to everything from the Comp up. That all said, the Pro XC looks decidedly niiiice. (No, I do not have prices on them.)


Which led me to starting to "wonder" about SIDI mtb range - mostly because I've read they are awesome value and lasts long once you've shelved out half a kidney - seen that there is exceptions to that rule as well.) Tried on a pair of Spiders and they are much better than the name sound. But I've heard that there's a new Spider for 2014, that Dominators are not something you want to walk with - and those Spiders had bloody stiff soles for non-carbon shoes. And no, I have only been able to fit one pair of the SIDI's. It's not as if you can pick 1/2-number sizes in any colour of any model at any shop. Only pair in my number I stumbled across... (Yes, I haven't been everywhere, I am just starting to look around - and already have questions)


So, in short... any opinions?! Oh wait... :ph34r: How do these shoes stack up against each other?


Further note - I am also now in the habit of using my MTB shoes for my road riding (fitted STracks to the road bike as well). Ja... sue me.

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Ne-ver mind... Spez just took themselves out.


I looked at the images on the site and thought the shoes looked a bit... hmmm... "smooth". I walked in and saw them first-hand... blaaaksis. Looks like those dancing shoes the cool guys wore way-way back... or even ballet shoes. My flippen many years old roadie shoes look more... masculine than these mtb shoes.


So if I do actually get something in this year, it won't be Specialised. Not a fan of that look, sorry.

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