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Need road riding buddies/routes - Moreleta Park


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Hi there


I've recently moved in to Moreleta Park, and am looking for people to train with, mostly weekday mornings. Can somebody give me an idea as to which routes are used in the area? It seems awfully shoulder-less to me and I would hate to have to spend my life on the trainer as a result :(

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Lots of MTB'ers this side.


Road wise try the Velo club, Cyclelab Lynnwood or Bruce Ryneke cycles as they have groups riding.


Klapperkop is decent for hills and relatively quiet. Bocshkop/Lynnwood extension/Cullinan also popular. Fast and flat but no real shoulder, though atleast people can see you a long ways off.

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Velo is probably your best bet - they do have a Tuesday and Thursday early morning route they do. It's worth joining the club - you don't have to I guess, but they do supply a back-up vehicle on the rides, so that alone is worth it.


None of the roads are really super-safe cycling friendly in Pta east. Early mornings, the R50 Delmas is pretty quiet, and depending on how long you want to go, there is a nice loop out the R50, left onto the R25 and then either back along Lynwood, or around the Rayton/Cullinan road and back along Boshkop into Lynwood. Unfortunately, Lynwood and Boshkop are getting quite busy now though, so if you get them later in the morning it isn't pleasant.


Don't be tempted to come back via Garstfontein - or at least if you do, turn early and get back onto the R50 again. Going straight back along Garstfontein past Rafters and Woodlands is a bit risky with some recent hijackings.....

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I stay pretty close to Moreleta and when I have a hour and some change during the week I normally do some hill training in the morelata area, there is a grid of probably 6 rather decent shortish climbs starting from the De Villabois side and working your way towards Rubenstein.


Its not very thrilling but it does provide a quad burning workout in a short time period

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